This Mom Says Goodbye to Flip Flops & Hello to OOFOS

Trendy Mommies blogger, Annmarie, is a mother of two and knows the struggle of running around after her kids all summer. She would wear her regular flip-flops on a daily basis and noticed quickly that her feet were feeling the lack of support. Not to mention, her leather and fabric flip-flops would get stained and ruined by the pool chemicals!

We sent Annmarie two pairs of OOFOS to replace her regular flip-flops, and boy, was she happy! She fell in love with the fact that OOFOS are lightweight, easy to clean and super supportive. She says, 

“Obviously I don’t literally run in my flip flops but these line of sandals, flip flops and clogs are called recovery footwear so if you are a busy mom and have been going non stop in your flip flops give these a try!”

She doesn’t just promote them to fellow moms, she suggests that OOFOS are great for kids, especially after a day at the pool or playing sports. To check out the OOFOS that Annmarie loves so much, follow these links for the OOriginal Sandal and the OOcloog Luxe clog.

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