Why Busy Moms Choose OOFOS

Why Busy Moms Choose OOFOS

The Healthy Moms Magazine blog knows a thing or two about making life easier for busy moms. In a recent article, blogger Cascia Talbert discusses what has helped make her life easier as a mom: OOFOS! She insists that they help her “survive her daily mom duties” and avoid sore feet! 

“When I first put on my OOFOS clogs the first thing I noticed was how soft the inside was on my feet. While walking around the house I barely noticed that I had shoes on at all.” 

Cascia raves about our OOcloog Luxe clogs and even gives a shout-out to our Project Pink sandals that benefit breast cancer research with Dana-Farber. Click the links below to check them out for yourself!

OOcloog Luxe Clogs

Project Pink Sandals

To read Cascia’s full OOFOS review, click here!

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