October 13, 2016


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Flip-Flop Junkie Chooses OOFOS as the Ultimate Camp Shoe

Jeff, blogger for Missouri Howell, is a self-proclaimed “flip-flop junkie” who wears them all summer long because of their ease and comfort. This summer, Jeff was cycling through a few pairs of flip-flops until he found the OOriginal Sport Sandals at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in August. He wore them throughout the whole day, throughout the entire convention center and was hooked! He says,

“Whether I’m taking off my dress shoes after a day at the office, or stripping off some sweaty trail runners after a long day on the trail, I always head straight for my OOFOS to get some much needed foot therapy. I doubt I’ll ever go back to traditional flip-flops; I’m addicted to #feeltheOO.”

We are so glad Jeff loves his OOFOS so much and has shared them with the rest of his family too! They are now the designated camping shoes for him and his children. To read more of what Jeff thinks about his OOFOS, click here.

October 04, 2016


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This Mom Loves OOFOS So Much She’s Giving Away 3 Pairs!

Erin is a single mom and middle school counselor so running around with young kids has become her daily routine. She found that constantly being on her feet was taxing, and her feet would ache every night. When she started wearing OOFOS, that all changed! She wears them every day now and does everything in them. With all that she does in them, her OOriginal sandals have lasted her over four years! 

Erin loves her OOFOS so much that she is hosting a giveaway on her blog, Making Memories With Your Kids! Three winners will receive a pair of OOFOS of their choice. Hurry on over to her blog to read her review and enter her giveaway before it ends on October 17th. Good luck, everyone!

September 29, 2016


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OOFOS Are the Perfect Post-Surgery Shoe

Paige, blogger for Top Notch Material, has loved OOFOS for years and has decided to spread that love by introducing her husband to the sandals. Her husband is recovering from an Achilles surgery, but is also suffering from chronic bone spurs and tendinitis in his other foot. He needed relief fast, and Paige provided that with the OOFOS OOahh Sport Slides! She says,

“These awesome shoes reduce shock, absorb stress and enables natural motion which is going to be very helpful for my husband for a while after surgery.”

We wish Paige’s husband well as he recovers from surgery! We know it’s never easy, but with OOFOS’ help, the recovery will surely be faster. To read Paige’s full story and review, click here!

September 23, 2016


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This Southern Momma Loves Her OOFOS

Lauren, busy mom and blogger for Southern Momma’s Reviews, Deals & Giveaways, spends most of her days chasing around her toddler as he runs from inside to out! She isn’t a fan of wearing shoes inside and prefers something more comfortable than a flip flop for easy slip on and off. When she found OOFOS OOlala Slides, her search for the perfect, comfortable day-to-day shoe ended! She says,

“I love finding shoes that are comfortable, easy, stylish, and that are going to last me a long time.”

We’re glad you like them so much, Lauren! To read her full review and learn what else makes her love OOFOS so much, click here!

September 19, 2016


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OOFOS Become the New Classroom Shoe

Science teacher, Erika Schenck, knows a thing or two about school fashion and has dedicated an entire blog to writing about it. Teachers Have Lives Too! is where Erika shows off her latest outfits and trends throughout the school year, showcasing her practical yet fashionable choices. In a recent post, she wrote about her new favorite “classroom shoes:” OOFOS! She keeps her OOcloog Luxe Clogs at her desk every day and throws them on when her feet need a rest or when she just needs a little change. She says,

I got them in the mail, immediately stuck them on, and didn’t want to take them off all evening. Clouds. Really. Comfortable. Clouds.”

We’re glad OOFOS can be such a treat for her! To read Erika’s full review of our OOcloog Luxe clogs, click here.

September 12, 2016


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The LA Rams & OOFOS: Our Story

Last Spring, Tyler Williams, Sports Science Coordinator and Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Los Angeles Rams, reached out to OOFOS to learn more about our shoes and the recovery benefits that they could provide to his team.

During the first conversation with Williams, he explained that the LA Rams strive to be the most innovative and technologically savvy training staff in the NFL. He’d heard great things about OOFOS, and recognized the potential of our shoes as a breakthrough technology for his players.   As the leader in recovery footwear, OOFOS definitely fits into the innovative/new technology category, so we also saw our brand as natural fit for the Rams. 

I’d arranged to send pairs first for the trainers to try out, and very soon afterwards, orders for players started coming in as well. The Rams were feeling the OO, and we were invited to California to visit during training camp.

Last month, I joined Deb Gendreau-Flynn, President of OOFOS, and Linda Jaros, Sports Muscular Therapist and OOFOS Company Spokesperson at UC Irvine to meet with Williams. When considering how hard football is on the body and the importance of fast and effective recovery solutions to keep players healthy in the NFL, Williams and his colleagues have a somewhat unique set of insights relating to athletic recovery. This trip was both an opportunity to get feedback from and engage with a group of fitness professionals who had been wearing OOFOS all summer and focus on recovery for a living.

When we arrived on campus, the energy of the Rams’ return to Los Angeles and the first week of training camp created a buzz of excitement that was almost palpable. We showed up a little early and were rewarded by getting to see some of the players like Cody Sensiba heading to lunch with OOFOS on their feet!   A little later that day, we learned from head trainer Reggie that players were encouraged to wear OOFOS while walking from place to place on the sprawling campus of UC Irvine to take advantage of walking time as recovery time.

I was touched by the warm welcome of Williams and the training staff as well as Coach David McGinnis, known by those closest to him as Coach Mac, who walked in to the training room wearing a pair of OOriginal Sports. He enthusiastically greeted us and said that, “After 31 years coaching in the NFL as a coach at every level from Assistant Coach to Head Coach, I know what is real and what works. OOFOS are both real and they work.”

By the time practice got under way, we’d talked with players, trainers, team physicians and coaches who’d all been wearing OOFOS over the summer. They reported positive changes including pain reduction in feet, ankles and knees and less occurrences of chronic injury and over-use issues in their lower bodies. In one case, OOFOS had alleviated so much pain from a prior knee injury that a post-season replacement was going to be postponed for at least a year.

We also listened to the negative feedback, specifically that we don’t make OOFOS in men’s size 15 and 16, so the players with larger feet can’t wear OOFOS.   I can proudly say that we heard you and are planning to increase the size runs in a few styles.

Now that training camp is wrapped up and the regular season starts today, we look forward to seeing the Los Angeles Rams play a spectacular season! OOFOS is proud to be a part of their success and looks forward to sharing the OO with new audiences everywhere.

September 01, 2016


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OOFOS Chosen as An UltraRunning Magazine Top Pick!

OOFOS is excited to announce that our OOriginal Sport sandals received an UltraRunning Magazine Top Pick in their September 2016 Edition! We are so proud to receive this honor and couldn’t agree more with what the magazine had to say. In their review of the sandals, UltraRunning Magazine says,

the OOriginal Sport earns a Top Pick for its exceptional comfort and breeziness, which make it ideal for pampering your feet after a race.” 

If you’d like to read the full review, click below!

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