2018 Marathons You Should Start Planning for Now

2018 Marathons You Should Start Planning for Now

Maybe 2018 is the year you run your first marathon. Or maybe it’s the year you run your 5th, or your 50th. No matter how many or how few you’ve run, you should start planning for 2018 races now.

From sweeping vistas to iconic courses, there are good reasons these six marathons sell out quickly. 

1. Walt Disney World Marathon

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The WDW Marathon is less than three months away, and it's not sold out yet! But the January 7th event will likely be full soon. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people gather at the theme park to run. Start and finish at Epcot center, run through four parks, and embrace that Disney magic along the way.

2. Chicago Marathon

Registration for the Chicago Marathon lottery usually opens in March, and accepts between 60%-70% of runners who enter. The run takes place in October of each year, giving you more than enough time to register and train.

3. Marine Corps Marathon

“Run with purpose, finish with pride,” is the official motto of the Marine Corps Marathon. Lottery opens in late March to the public, and no fees are due until you’ve been selected. The race occurs in October and is dubbed “The People’s Marathon.”

4. New York City Marathon 

Possibly one of the most iconic (and expensive) marathons in the country, the New York City Marathon runs through all five boroughs of the Big Apple. The chance to run through the country's busiest and (arguably) most exciting city is great motivation to get moving. 

5. Los Angeles Marathon

General registration is now open for the 2018 LA Marathon, with 24,000 runners getting to compete. Last year the event sold out in under five months, so crossing that Santa Monica finish line means registering now for the March 18th race.

6. Twin Cities Marathon

Each year the Twin Cities hosts a sold-out event. With just under 9,000 participants this year, the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon isn’t overwhelmed by participants, so you won’t feel the need to elbow your competitors at the starting line.

Once you start training for your 2018 marathon, treat your feet to a pair of our trusted recovery sandals. Because everyone deserves a little "OO," especially when they're training hard. 

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