Get Motivated with the Most Inspirational Sports Stories of 2017

Get Motivated with the Most Inspirational Sports Stories of 2017

2017 was an exciting year in sports; countless groundbreakers and trailblazers broke records, made firsts, and inspired us to go further, faster, and harder. And you don't have to be going pro for these stories to have an impact. 

These athletes will inspire you to push yourself 

We've scoured the web for 2017's most inspiring sports stories to get you feeling motivated for whatever challenges lie ahead in the new. Whether you're a runner, a hiker, a football player, or someone who just likes to get outside, these stories of personal challenges and triumphs will inspire you in all kinds of pursuits. 

Liberi Nantes’ 10th anniversary

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Back in 2007, Italian sportsclub Liberi Nantes was formed with one goal in mind-- give refugees and asylum seekers access to world class athletics training. This year, the organization celebrated its 10-year anniversary of providing displaced athletes with the opportunity to participate in soccer, rugby, hiking, and even complimentary Italian language classes, right in central Rome.

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Aron Anderson’s historic Ironman

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When Aron Anderson was 7-years-old, he was diagnosed with a spinal tumor so aggressive, the treatment needed to remove it left him in a wheelchair. Now, the Swedish national is a 29-year-old triathlete who just took part in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawai’i.

“Life happened to put me in a wheelchair but instead of being bitter about it I have actively decided to be grateful for what I have and what the wheelchair has given me,” Anderson says.

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Anam Hashim’s Unprecedented Title

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This year, a new trail was blazed by Anam Hashim. The 21-year-old is the first and only female sportbike stunt athlete in her native country of India. Despite turning a blind eye to traditional societal conventions and fighting back against sexism and financial crises, the freestyle athlete is going strong and quickly making a name for herself in her sport.

2017 was a particularly big year for Hashim-- she became the first Indian ever to win an international competition in stunt riding.

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Robert Marchand’s Ageless Athleticism

Robert Marchand has made a career out of pedaling fast. At the impressive age of 105, he is still setting records. On January 5th, the centenarian completed a 14.08-mile course in just under an hour, a time that was good enough to smash his previous world record which he had set at 100.

“I am not here to be champion,” Marchand explains. “I am here to prove that, at 105 years-old, you can still ride a bike.”

Whatever sport or activity you're drawn to pursue this year, give it your all. OOFOS will be there for you when it's time to recover. 




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