Those Cheap Flip Flops Are Terrible For Your Feet

Those Cheap Flip Flops Are Terrible For Your Feet

Let’s be real; we all have that pair of cheap flip flops in our closet. Perhaps you bought them as "shower shoes" for campground bathrooms or not-so-clean hotels. But you inevitably throw them on for other activities as well. It feels good to wear a lightweight pair of shoes that let your feet breathe -- especially after a workout. 

But wearing those cheap flips flops can do more harm than good. 

If you like to wear flip flops after a workout, whether it's hiking, biking, or running, this seemingly innocent habit can throw a wrench in your recovery. 

How Cheap Flip Flops Hurt Your Feet 

One of the reasons so many of us wind up with those low-quality flip flops is because of the price point-- it’s not difficult to find a decent-looking pair for under 10 bucks.

But podiatrists at the University Foot & Ankle Institute stress that so many of those super cheap options are made out of materials that have no business on your feet. They write:

"They’re made out of virtually nothing. Most flip-flops, especially the cheaper ones, are essentially a flat piece of rubber and a thong squeezed between your toes. You might as well have strapped a cereal box to your foot."

When you walk in those flat pieces of cereal box, your feet reflexively curl around the shoe as you try to keep them on. 

"This could create a muscle imbalance in your foot," warn the UFAI education team, "possibly causing bunions or hammertoes." 

Not to mention your dollar store flip flops lack support, shock absorption, and foot protection. Wearing the wrong kind of sandals can put added stress on your feet, knees, and back.

Feel the OOFOS Difference 

Everyone should have a pair of convenient and comfortable sandals they can throw on in the shower or after a long hike. But you should also have proper support and foot protection. OOFOS sandals offer all of that, and more. 

But don't take our word for it. We put a pair of OOFOS in the hands of a hiker and camper so she could put them to the test in the wild. Here's what TyAnn L. had to say about her OOFOS, which she reviewed on The Dyrt

"When I took the sandals out of the package I was very impressed with the shape and styling of the shoe. The arch support immediately took pressure off the ball of my foot, and the cushion put a springy bounce in every single step I took. I couldn't wait to take them on our 10-day family vacation to see how they performed!"

Ditch the Cheap Flip Flops for One Pair of Sandals

TyAnn really put her OOlala Sandals to the test on that vacation. She and her family climbed Black Elk Peak, the highest summit east of the Rocky Mountains. When they completed their 7-mile hike, she got back into her OOFOS. 

"I wore them while showering and walking back to the campsite. My feet did not slip or slide in them, and they were dry within minutes!! The next day we headed to The Bad Lands, and I wore them all day long. They kept my feet comfortable and energized while putting on another 7 miles of walking!! After returning home from our vacation I have worn my OOFOS gardening, fishing, and even washing my SUV."

Moral of the story? You don't need that pair of super cheap sandals, even as shower shoes. Instead, count on one pair of sandals for recovery, comfort, and convenience. OOFOS has you covered. 

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