OOFOS For All Outdoors

OOFOS For All Outdoors

One thing that’s so great about OOFOs is that they fit into a variety of lifestyles for recovery after exercise, being on your feet or general wear on the feet. When they aren’t out conquering the elements athletes and outdoor-seekers in particular turn to OOFOS for the recovery and relief benefits. OOFOS were recently featured on the 4 All Outdoors blog, which focuses on outdoor adventures, tips, and gear reviews!

Whether outside or inside, these outdoor enthusiasts agree that OOFOS has much more to offer than superior comfort alone. Jenn at 4 All Outdoors has noticed how much relief OOFOS give her from planters fasciitis symptoms and notes some of her favorite OOFOS highlights in her review, including:

  • Foot support provides relief from planters fasciitis
  • Thick soles prevent feeling rocks & gravel underfoot
  • No blisters even after long walks
  • Bacteria & moisture resistant build
  • Good surface traction

Check out Jenn’s review here: http://4alloutdoors.org/reviews/footwear-2/19202-2/

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