Avid Arizona Runner & Trainer Says OOFOS Are Like Walking on Clouds

Avid Arizona Runner & Trainer Says OOFOS Are Like Walking on Clouds

In the hot weather of Arizona, OOFOS fan and fitness blogger, Kindal Wallum loves sliding into her OOlalas after a workout. She says of her OOFOS,

  “…as I ran my errands in my flat sandals all day my feet began to hurt and become tired and sore. Insert OOFOS – these sandals solved the problem almost instantly. The cloud like cushion and arch support allowed my feet to recover while running errands after a long workout without any pain or additional fatigue. Now there is no going back to the days of flat foot sandals and feeling like I’m walking on concrete all day when I can feel like I’m walking on clouds.”

 And what better way to walk on clouds than in her Cloud White OOlalas!


OOFOS OOlala shoe in cloud white design.  

When Kendal is not outside running or updating the training tips on her blog, she is working as a medical professional, which requires her to wear closed toed shoes. Kendal tried the OOFOS OOCloog Luxe, saying,

I wore them at work over the weekend from my 12 and 8 hour shifts and fell in LOVE. I love the ease of being able to slip them on and off as well as the cushion and arch support to keep my feet happy throughout the day especially after my 4 AM workouts! OOFOs clogs are also $65 dollars which is half the price of normal medical clogs sold at scrub shops around the country and I know everyone LOVES a deal especially when it’s an AMAZING product!

Read Kindal’s full review, here.

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