5 Things to Bring With You for Healthier Holiday Travel

5 Things to Bring With You for Healthier Holiday Travel

Flying during the holiday season can be incredibly stressful. Delayed flights, cranky people, and uncooperative weather make for a trying experience.

Having these five items in your carry-on could make all the difference in arriving relaxed instead of exhausted. 

Water Bottle

Thankfully, most airports are updated now to accommodate reusable water bottles. Just because you have to dump your water before security doesn't mean you can't refill and stay hydrated!

Drinking plenty of water while traveling is key to feeling on top of your game. You'll be more energized and less likely to feel the drag of jet lag. Staying hydrated can also make you look better, avoiding those baggy eyes and ashy skin that travel can sometimes cause. 

Healthy Snacks

Airports and airplanes are not reliable for healthy (or affordable) meals. Pack snacks that will make you feel like the health warrior you are. Trail mix, mandarin oranges, and carrot sticks are all reliable options that won't easily go bad in your bag. 

Yoga Mat

Your body is crammed into a small space when you fly -- unable to stretch or move around much. While the idea of yoga at the airport might sound silly, there are plenty of private places to get your stretch on.

Even if you're not a dedicated yogi, a yoga mat is helpful as a place to sit down and perform the simplest of stretches. Which is especially nice if you face delays and find yourself stuck at the airport. 

Comfortable Clothing

Loose, comfortable layers and a comfortable pair of shoes (like the OOFOS Oomg Low Shoe).

The right outfit will allow you to move freely through the airport and get comfortable once you're in your seat. And since you can never predict the temperature on those things, bringing layers will allow you the most options. An extra layer that you're not wearing can also make for a handy pillow. 

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

Holiday travel is unpredictable. While you might expect to arrive at your destination at 5pm, mother nature might have other plans. Be prepared with an eye mask and earplugs, just in case your travel plans change. They’re also helpful for tuning out the loud hum of the plane.

You can't control everything about holiday travel, but carrying these things will help you make the best of a potentially stressful experience. 

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