5 Ways to Make Summer Camping More Comfortable

5 Ways to Make Summer Camping More Comfortable

Just because camping season is at its peak during the summer months doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the most comfortable time to connect with nature. With sweltering temperatures, sticky humidity, and crowded campgrounds, it’s no wonder that many tend to shy away during this time of year. Nevertheless, all of you committed campers out there know that there certainly are ways to make your experience outdoors in the heat much more enjoyable.

Here are some not-so-obvious ways you can rest easy under the stars, even during the height of summer.

1. Camp near water

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When planning a camping trip, it may be easy to forget that the absolute best way to beat the heat is to visit a place that offers a constant breeze and cool, crisp nights. Camping near water is almost always more comfortable. As an added bonus, you can always jump in if you need a quick cool-off.

2. Keep hydrated

Staying properly hydrated during the summer months is a challenge that can be made easier with the right tools. We love carrying collapsable water bottles and hydration packs because they offer the right amount of fluids at the start of your journey, while decreasing in weight as the day goes on. It’s a win-win!

3. Give those feet a break

Pack along a pair of breathable kicks, like our recovery slide sandals, when you are packing for a day out on the trail. When you take a break from the trail, nothing feels better than taking off those sweaty hiking boots and letting your barking dogs recover in style.

4. Sleep off the ground

Though a hammock might not be on your current list of camping must-haves, sleeping in one is one of the best ways to stay cool. Remember to bring along a sturdy, camping hammock that has a netted bottom, as this will allow you to experience optimal air-flow as you snooze.

5. Use a tarp

Because unexpected showers are a part of life in many of our nation’s most treasured camping areas, be sure to bring a tarp with you, both on the trail and at your campsite. Drape it over your tent to combat leaks or use it to build a makeshift shelter if you are out on the trail.

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