Active Recovery Brand OOFOS Unveils Innovative New Ad Campaign: “Feel the OO”

Active Recovery Brand OOFOS Unveils Innovative New Ad Campaign: “Feel the OO”

The Boston-based Footwear Company Brings to Life the Feeling of True Active Recovery Across Broadcast, Digital and Social.



May 30, 2024  OOFOS, the Boston-based global leader in Active Recovery footwear, this week unveiled a new brand campaign focused on the core mission of the brand – to make people feel better. Through this ad campaign, brand loyalists and new wearers alike will “Feel the OO”.

OOFOS thrive through movement, appealing to a discerning audience. OOFOS has always prioritized tangible recovery results and functionality, offering lasting relief with every step. These true recovery benefits that come from the brand’s completely unique proprietary technology, called OOfoam™ have been proven and backed by research and experienced by consumers. They are now highlighted at every brand touchpoint with the new “Feel the OO” ad campaign.

The new campaign features gym-goers and street-style enthusiasts experiencing the other-worldly nature of sliding into a pair of OOFOS. Created in partnership with creative agency of record, CALLEN, the transcendent ad spots display a visual representation of both the physical and emotional feeling of reprieve associated with the active recovery benefits of OOfoam™, embracing weightlessness as a metaphor for the cutting-edge technology that merges scientific breakthroughs with everyday wear and function. This weightless feeling you get from OOfoam™ differentiates OOFOS from other brands in the market as the ultimate footwear to make you feel better, faster.

“This exciting new brand campaign provides an opportunity to highlight the versatility and inspiring difference that OOFOS not only offers, but pioneers within the Active Recovery space,” said Darren Brown, Head of Marketing at OOFOS. “’Feel the OO’ is a perfect representation of what you experience the first time - and any time - you put a pair of OOFOS on – it’s unlike any footwear you’ve worn before.”

In the real, gravity-bound world, OOFOS delivers on their innovative goal of impact and load reduction with their proprietary OOfoam™ technology, a scientifically proven impact-absorbing foam designed to go beyond comfort and accelerate recovery post-performance to help you feel better faster. The technology, in conjunction with a patented footbed design, helps absorb impact, reduce stress on the body and enhance mobility between training. OOfoam™ also decreases load rates by up to 88% compared to traditional footwear, resulting in reduced compressive forces on the knee and joints. OOFOS has been at the forefront of the category since 2011, offering the widest range of innovative solutions. The full line of OOFOS footwear has received the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance, and the range of style options have helped countless professional athletes and the general public feel better faster.

The ad campaign will appear across numerous channels including broadcast tv, social and digital platforms, with several tv commercial spots appearing throughout the NBA Conference Championships and the Tony Awards. The first commercial ran on Thursday, 5/23 on ESPN during Game 2 of the Celtics vs. Pacers Eastern Conference Finals. The innovative visuals of OOFOS-wearers floating effortlessly through locker rooms, gym, apartment and city-streets will also appear across OOFOS digital and social channels, including Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms.  

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