Appreciating America's Outdoors with the #GetOutAndGO Project

This spring, we partnered with The Dyrt for a project with a simple mission: celebrating America's great outdoors. 

The campaign is called #GetOutAndGO project. Every day, we're highlighting a new location across the US. The idea: too often we celebrate the monoliths of our National Park system but overlook the beautiful outdoor spaces that are closer to home. 

By celebrating a new location across the US each day, we're flipping the script. We're highlighting the parks in our backyards to point to the fact that every state has incredible open spaces, regardless of National Park status. 

In addition to daily stops, a new brand is giving away a different prize each day. And, of course, there's a grand prize: a $10,000 SylvanSport GO camper.

Enter to win and follow the virtual road trip at

Here's to our great outdoor spaces!  

Barbara Briguglio
Barbara Briguglio



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