Celebrating Mother’s Day with 7 Fit Moms to Follow for Inspiration and Motivation

Celebrating Mother’s Day with 7 Fit Moms to Follow for Inspiration and Motivation

Moms work hard. Between jobs, taking care of children, balancing household tasks, and maybe trying to fit in some time for themselves, their days can be jam-packed.

Trying to incorporate a fitness routine? That makes it even harder. Hour-long classes at the gym or heading out for long runs on the weekend just might not be feasible when you’re trying to balance it all.   

All moms deserve to be celebrated not just on Mother’s Day, but every day!

In the spirit of Mother’s Day coming up on May 13, we thought we would celebrate 7 of our favorite fit moms.  Those moms that you can turn to for some exercise inspiration to squeeze into your busy lives. 

Here are some of our picks for fit moms who you should check out for some fit-spiration!


Julie at @ourfitfamilylife

Julie is a Certified Personal Trainer, active mom and blogger who works to make fitness accessible to busy mothers.  Her social media accounts feature videos and photos of her squeezing in workouts with little ones around, and she’s a great source of tips and inspiration for working towards your goals.


Melanie at @fitmomma4three

Melanie is a fit mom of three children and YouTuber. She posts home workouts and meals on her social media accounts and YouTube channel that are both relatable and inspiring. Definitely be sure to check her out for different ideas on incorporating fitness routines within your busy mom life.


Carla at @fitbffs

Carla is a 40-something wife and mom who is passionate about sharing her weight loss journey, healthy living tips and running stories with her readers. She is also an enthusiastic OOFOS fan. In her own words, “through some Focus, Inspiration and Transformation, I am choosing to put my Best Foot Forward… thus FIT BFFs!”  She posts regularly about races, training and overall healthy living.


Angela at @happyfitmama

Angela is a mom of twins, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, RRCA running coach, runner and yogini. On her blog and social media channels, she posts workouts and recipes to keep her readers feeling motivated and inspired. Check out her page to see how she navigates being a busy mom of twins and fitness enthusiast.


Sara at @therunningwife

Sara is a wife, mom, runner and blogger who posts regularly about her run training, recipes and overall fitness motivation. She runs competitively and is a great source of inspiration for getting back into a running routine post-baby.


Stephanie at @runtrimom

Stephanie is a mom, runner, triathlete, author, and former contestant on Survivor. She posts across her blog and social media platform about her adventures in triathlons, fitness, running and travel. Check her out for beautiful, inspiring posts that will make you want to lace up your running shoes and hit the road.


Jessica at @jessbug1122

Jessica is a mom, marathoner and half-marathoner who posts daily run recaps on her Instagram account, as well as advice on balancing family life with running.  She is also a fan of recovering from her runs in her OOFOS. Looking to find your groove when it comes to running? Check out her page! 


Of course, be sure to follow OOFOS on social media, as well, as we work to support fit moms and exercise enthusiasts in general. We want to help everyone feel better after their activities by Feeling the OO

From all of us at OOFOS, have a very Happy Mother's Day!

Don't forget to show your mom, wife, sister or friend some extra love this Mother's Day! 

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