Football Season is Here!

Football Season is Here!

For many people, the beginning of Fall means one thing… it’s time for football!


It’s becoming more evident that athletes at all levels, and particularly those at the professional level, are putting a heightened focus on what happens off the field. Athletes are focusing on taking care of their bodies between practices and games with recovery techniques such as foam rolling, proper hydration, stretching and physical therapy to help them stay in tip top shape and get them ready for gameday.  With these efforts comes an understanding of the importance of proper recovery after games and practices and how they can maintain peak performance all season long.

From professional football and baseball teams to top collegiate athletes, the importance of off field care is bigger than ever. Here at OOFOS we’ve been tapped by trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and medical staff to help with their athlete’s recovery regime.  What’s currently missing from their team’s process?  Proper recovery footwear.  Enter: OOFOS.  Backed by science, our footwear allows you to recover faster, fueled by our revolutionary OOfoam, which absorbs 37% more shock than traditional footwear foam. And trainers get it.  The more they can allow their athletes to naturally recover after a practice or game, the less strain they’ll put on their bodies, thus allowing them to get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

A director of Sports Medicine from one professional football team said, “I love these and really would like all our players to have them… It really seems to unload your joints and lets your feet spread out.”

And it’s not just the coaches that are #feelingtheOO, we’ve heard from the players, too. Their top feedback is how overall they are just feeling better because of the added component of OOFOS into their training and recovery process. One professional football player proclaimed OOFOS to be “the most comfortable out there”, while another player loves the product so much, he purchased pairs for all of his teammates. Now that’s what we call a team player!

So, how does it work, you ask?

Created with OOfoam technology, OOFOS footwear is research-proven to put less demand on your body by putting less stress on your muscles while walking. Therefore, by wearing OOFOS, walking is less impactful on the body, which in turn can help reduce stress on the body and enhance the recovery process.  We’ve gotten thousands of reviews from customers explaining how OOFOS has changed their lives – from recovery after a surgery, to helping with Plantar Fasciitis and here’s a secret: you don’t even have to be a professional football player to benefit from wearing OOFOS!

The vigorous beating football players’ bodies take day in and day out is part of the game: but the after affects don’t have to be. OOFOS offers players “dynamic recovery”, so they can recover while going about their daily activities, hence why athletic trainers want OOFOS on their feet while they’re not in their cleats.

With football season officially kicking off this week, we’re excited to cheer on our friends and athletes who have already started to #feeltheOO this season – and  to see the impact that recovery has on their performance.

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