Giving the gift of OO: 8 gifts of comfort this Mother's Day

Giving the gift of OO: 8 gifts of comfort this Mother's Day

Moms work harder than anyone. They deserve a day to themselves, a day that is relaxing, a day that makes their hard work feel appreciated. We all know this… but it can be hard to know how to actually give that day.

So, we put together this list of gift ideas to make your mom feel more comfortable this Mother’s Day. Because if there’s one thing that makes someone feel appreciated, it’s someone else going out of their way to make their day as comfortable as possible.

Start out with a walk relaxing stroll with family

It’s safe to say that all of us are busy. Finding time to connect has become one of the biggest difficulties in our society and because of that our time is very valuable. Take a stroll around town with mom this Mother’s Day. It can be something as simple as walking around the block or riding bikes for a couple of miles. Giving your time to connect can be one of the greatest presents.

Make a favorite meal

Try to imagine how many times your mom has prepared you a meal. She’s looked after you and your diet, always preparing the best meals to help keep you moving. Let her sit back, snack on some little bites and drink her favorite beverage as you reverse the roles and prepare her favorite meal.

Movie time at home

A variety of services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Tivo, to name a few, make it easy to pick a movie.

If you're feeling classics, you can find something purely entertaining like The Godfather or Breakfast at Tiffany's. If you're after adventure, you can find something with inspiring whimsy like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. With such variety at your fingertips it may not be easy to choose just one movie, but you get the idea.

The gift of a good book

Let your mom sit back and relax with a good book. If she has a favorite author find the latest book that author released, assuming she hasn’t read it already. And if you want to go out on a limb, figure out her favorite genre of book and introduce her to a new author. We love The Art of Discarding because the author, Nagisa Tatsumi, gives easy advice about how to declutter our lives.

Supersoft blanket for her to end her long days wrapped up in

After a long day there’s nothing like wrapping up in a super soft blanket to relax. There are a number of soft blankets on the market to choose from, but something that might mean a little more to her is a handmade fleece blanket. They’re easy to make and we found this How-To video to help you make something cozy and relaxing for your mom.

Spa time

After all the hard work your mom does every day of the week, just one relaxing day at the spa would do a world of good. A gift of a day at the spa to relax her mind and soothe her knotted up muscles might be just what the doctor ordered.

Recovery shoes!

Of course we're going to mention recovery shoes. They make a great gift for anyone, but they're especially well suited if you're trying to give the gift of comfort. Moms are often doing things to make sure everyone in the family is happy and well taken care of. A pair of recovery shoes will help her feet, legs, and joints stay relaxed and comfortable all day. She’ll go to bed with less aches and pains and sleep easier after wearing a pair of recovery shoes. Check out our full line of recovery shoes here

Compression socks

Compression socks increase blood flow and make comfort one step closer. Just like recovery shoes, they can be worn throughout the day to help smooth out any aches or pains, while at the same time helping your body to heal. They make a great gift for anyone, and any mom will feel more comfortable with a pair of compression socks. 

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