Goalie Jeremy Swayman Secures Partnership With Boston-Based Recovery Footwear Leader OOFOS

Goalie Jeremy Swayman Secures Partnership With Boston-Based Recovery Footwear Leader OOFOS

The Alaska native strengthens local ties while highlighting the importance of recovery in his performance.

September 22, 2022 – OOFOS, the global leader in Active Recovery footwear, has teamed up with Boston Bruin’s goalie Jeremy Swayman, highlighting the importance of recovery in the young athlete’s journey. In his second year as starting goalie in the National Hockey League, the 23-yr-old recognizes the unique position he holds and the strenuous nature of his performance on the ice. Cross-training and active recovery have always been a crucial element of Swayman’s routine. This new partnership with OOFOS marks his continued commitment to improving his craft and drive to succeed within the historic Boston Bruins organization.

“Playing goalie, it’s my job to make sure the guys have confidence in me. I do whatever I can to get to the next level, and that’s where active recovery comes in. Your hips get pretty abused, so I try to do a lot of core work and stretching. Wearing OOFOS helps support those unique muscles and joints that I use on the ice, so I can be in the best position to perform the next game,” says Swayman.

Swayman was introduced to OOFOS several years ago by Mike Boyle, world renowned strength and conditioning coach. The footwear quickly became an essential element in his recovery regimen. OOFOS feature OOfoam™, a scientifically-proven impact-absorbing technology, and are designed to accelerate recovery post-performance and help you feel better faster. They have become a vital recovery tool for many high-performance athletes from pro-football players to Olympic Gold Medallists and triathletes. This partnership with Swayman comes soon after a recent multi-year deal announcement between OOFOS and Las Vegas Raiders QB1 Derek Carr, another high-performance athlete who understands the role OOFOS plays in his recovery. These authentic partnerships are a testament to OOFOS, the benefits it provides and its leadership position in the active recovery space.

Swayman is yet another example of the need for recovery footwear by athletes in any sport. Growing up in Alaska, he fell in love with hockey at just four-years-old and spent hours on the ice perfecting his skills. Recovery in the off-season became a priority early on for Swayman as he took advantage of his natural surroundings - spending summers hiking and biking with his dad. This emphasis on active recovery still stands as he makes his home in Boston, using time off to hike, bike and work different muscle groups to keep his competitive edge.

Swayman adds, “I am playing in the best city in the best league in the world. It’s not a given thing; it’s earned. Wearing OOFOS gives me a decisive advantage and allows me to make the most of my time off the ice. In between every game, I need to reset both physically and mentally so I can keep getting better and maintain the highest level of performance.”

The innovative patented footbed design and proprietary OOfoam ™ technology absorbs impact, which reduces stress on the body and enables more natural movement between training and games. The technology is proven to absorb 37% more impact than traditional foam materials and reduce up to 47% of energy exertion on the ankles, reducing load and stress, so you can recover faster.* The full line of OOFOS has received the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance. These technologies help athletes recover and feel better faster week after week. With 56 games just in the regular season, recovery off the ice is a necessity for professional hockey players.

“Recovery is essential to athletes at every stage of their training and career,” says Steve Gallo, President of OOFOS. “We’re committed to supporting athletes at all levels, and we’re thrilled to have Jeremy on the OOteam. Jeremy’s dedication to his sport and commitment to teammates is inspiring to us, and evident in how he interacts with fellow teammates and goalies. We look forward to supporting him as his partner in Active Recovery.”

*Based on a 2018 University of Virginia School of Medicine Speed Clinic.


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