Grab your OOFOS and get outdoors with the CamelBak Pursuit Series!

Grab your OOFOS and get outdoors with the CamelBak Pursuit Series!


OOFOS is excited to announce that we are partnering with The Outbound Collective to help launch a new outdoor event series, CamelBak Pursuit. Think of it as a 3-day summer camp for grown ups who love the outdoors...except instead of camp counselors, you'll have expert guides and pro athletes showing you the ropes. 

Over two amazing weekends: Aug. 11-13 at Snowbasin, UT and Sept. 8-10 at Sanborn Park, CA (just south of San Francisco), you'll spend your days on the trail, climbing rocks, playing on the water, learning new skills, making new friends, listening to music, and relaxing by the campfire. 

All expert instruction and required gear are well as all of your meals, drinks, and entertainment! All you need to do is pack your bags, show up, and have an amazing time! Your schedule is 100% customizable based on your interests and skill-level, and it can be as full or as mellow as you like.

We hope that you can join us - and we'd like to provide you with an exclusive $100 discount on any 3-Day Pass to make it a bit easier good until the END OF JULY. Please use the link SALT LAKE CITY or SAN FRANCISCO to receive the discount!  You can also use PURSUIT100 as a discount code. 

If you can't get away for a full weekend, there are also a limited number of 1-Day Passes available so that you don't have to miss out on all the fun! If you have any questions about the event or registering, please contact and they will be able to answer all of your questions!

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