It's National Flip Flop Day...But OOFOS Neither Flip Nor Flop!

It's National Flip Flop Day...But OOFOS Neither Flip Nor Flop!

National Flip Flop Day is celebrated on the 3rd Friday in June, when it’s warm and sunny throughout most of the country and people are ready to ditch their closed toe shoes for the summer. 

Flip Flops sometimes get a bad reputation as being bad for your feet because of their typically unsupportive nature, though that isn’t always the case. Let’s face it, most people have at least one pair of cheap flip flops in their shoe collection. They’re inexpensive and easy to throw on for the beach, as shower shoes, or to let your feet breathe after you finish a hike or run, but those shoes aren’t the best option when it comes to foot health.

According to Sports Podiatrist and OOFOS advisor Dr. Rob, “I believe that shoes are gear that should be recommended on an individual basis.  The patient's weight, foot type and activity level all need to be taken into consideration.  As a generalization, most flip flops are very cheaply made with minimal consideration for the above factors.”

Those cheap flip flops may actually be hurting your feet, because they lack support, shock absorption and foot protection.  By wearing low quality, unsupportive shoes, you could be adding unnecessary stress to your feet, knees and back. 

The OOFOS Difference 

Though some may call OOFOS sandals “flip flops”, our footwear neither flips nor flops.  Our “special sauce” is OOfoam—proprietary, impact-absorbing, recovery technology.  OOfoam, partnered with OOFOS’ patented foodbed design, actually works to absorb impact with every step, taking stress off of your body.  By absorbing 37% more impact than traditional footwear foams, OOFOS are a healthier alternative for your feet and work to help your body recover from any activity.

What are you waiting for?

Forget traditional flip flops and feel better by Feeling the OO for yourself! Your feet are a worthy investment.

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