Marathon Series: @Estimatriska, Meet Olga!

Marathon Series: @Estimatriska, Meet Olga!

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Olga. I’m 38 years old. I’m a marathoner and triathlete. I moved to USA 1.5 years ago. Now I live in NYC. Originally, I’m from Belarus.

I’ve graduated from University, my major was economy. I made a great career in a Real Estate but I did not feel that it was mine. And I decided to change my life to become a personal trainer. Honestly, it wasn’t easy to rotate my life to 360 degrees but I’m glad I did it. It was my dream to help people stay healthy and fit. Now I can say I love what I do.


Which race are you prepping for next? 
Boston marathon. After the Boston Marathon, I will run a Brooklyn Half marathon in May. Philadelphia marathon in November. 

What is your favorite pre-race snack?
I don’t eat any snacks before the race. I eat oatmeal every morning and drink a cup of coffee with milk, this is all. The same I eat before the race.

Go-to pre race meal?
Pasta! Pasta! And one more time Pasta! Fill your body with carbohydrates before the marathon.

Go-to post race meal? 
A big piece of meat with salad. I prefer filet mignon and a glass of red wine. 

Advice for someone running their first marathon? 
Not to hurry up. Yeah I know it sounds strange, but it’s a good advice. I always recommend starting a race with an easy pace and increase it after 3 miles. Remember the marathon is a long race so you should to keep your energy  to the end. Don’t forget to drink a water every water station but not too much, just few sips. The last advice is to keep the positive thoughts, tell yourself that you are a real warrior because you run such an incredible and long distance as a Marathon! 


What do you do the day before the big race?
I prefer to stay at home, read my favorite books which help me to prepare my mind for the race, sleep a lot, eat a lot of carbs. 


For more information on how Olga trains, follow her on Instagram at @Estimatriska!


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