Mrs D’s Corner OOFOS Review & Giveaway


Stephanie DeLussey, the writer behind Mrs D’s Corner, is an elementary school teacher in Houston, TX who swears by her OOFOS OOlala sandals and OOcloog Luxe clogs. Constantly being on her feet in the classroom, the hallways and the playground, Stephanie would struggle with back pain on a regular basis and was not able to find relief with any of the shoes she would buy. Cue her excitement and relief when she found OOFOS! She started wearing them everyday to school and says, 

“And at the end of every day, neither my feet nor my back hurt. At all. Just ask my husband, because on any typical school evening, he is massaging my feet or back because I'm in pain. He deserves an award... and so does OOFOS.” 

To share her love of OOFOS with others, Stephanie is hosting a 3-pair giveaway on her blog! Act quickly, because it ends this Wednesday, August 17th! Enter the giveaway today and read her full review on her blog.




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