New Year, New yOO | How OOFOS Can Help You Reach Your New Year’s Resolution Fitness Goals

New Year, New yOO | How OOFOS Can Help You Reach Your New Year’s Resolution Fitness Goals

A new year, a fresh start, a time to establish new goals.

At the top of many New Year’s resolution lists is working on general health and wellness-- from trying to eat cleaner, losing a few pounds, or establishing a new fitness routine.  Today, we’re kicking off our New Year, New yOO blog series by exploring how OOFOS can help you reach your fitness goals this new year, no matter what they may be.

You probably already know that OOFOS are great to slip on after a run or workout, but do you understand the importance that proper recovery has on your fitness goals? 

When you’re getting into a new fitness routine, your body needs time to recover, even more so if it isn’t used to this increase in activity. 

In fact, taking the time to properly recover and rest is equally as important as exercising. Sure, it's great to get your body moving throughout the day, but intense workouts should not be a daily occurrence. Training too hard without leaving time for proper recovery can lead to bigger issues, including injury and fatigue.  Scheduling rest or recovery days in between workouts is essential in making sure that your body stays healthy and so that you can workout harder, feeling better, the next day. 

The beauty of OOFOS is that our shoes offer what we call dynamic recovery-- you can recover on the go, simply by wearing our footwear. They're perfect to slip on after a tough workout, to wear while running errands after yoga class, around the house… the opportunities to Feel the OO are endless! 

OOFOS footwear has been scientifically proven to make people feel better by reducing stress on their joints. When you slip our shoes on, you immediately feel the OO.  What is that feeling that makes yOO feel better?  It’s our patented footbed design paired with proprietary OOfoam™ technology.  This combination cradles your foot and provides arch support, while the impact absorption properties of our OOfoam™ technology work to take stress off of your muscles and joints, leaving the body feeling rejuvenated quicker.

While recovery techniques like foam rolling and stretching are great when you have the time, if you're on-the-go, OOFOS will get you back to your workouts feeling great without interrupting your busy lifestyle. 

While you’re out there staying active and adhering to your resolutions, don’t forget to slip your OOFOS on to help you recover faster, feel better, and crush your goals!  Remember that taking the time to recover is just as important as all of the exercise that you're doing. 

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