OOFOS and Global Leader In Human Performance Exos Announce Exclusive Partnership

OOFOS and Global Leader In Human Performance Exos Announce Exclusive Partnership

Offering the highest level of training support, this new partnership aims to elevate athlete performance and recovery ahead of 2023 NFL Combine. 

January 12, 2023 – OOFOS, the global leader in Active Recovery footwear, and Exos, the global leader in human performance, have partnered to continue their shared goals of improving health and recovery for athletes. The partnership between the two industry leaders includes a two-year agreement that will run through 2024.

OOFOS will be the exclusive recovery footwear provider to Exos coaches and participating athletes, and an integral part of their 2023 NFL combine training program hosted at Exos’ Athlete Performance Institutes.

Both OOFOS and Exos have unique products and experiences to offer customers and share the same objectives - to enhance the athlete experience, accelerate recovery and deliver the best human performance. OOFOS feature OOfoam™, a scientifically proven impact-absorbing technology, and are designed to accelerate recovery post-performance and help you feel better faster. They have become an essential recovery tool for many high-performance athletes, triathletes, Olympians and more. This partnership with Exos is the next momentous step in bringing this revolutionary technology to a broader audience. 

“We’re proud to partner with Exos, an organization that has set the standard for improving human performance,” said Steve Gallo, President of OOFOS. “Our mission is to help people feel better and OOFOS, powered by OOfoam™ technology will play an important role in enhancing the athlete experience and Active Recovery process for the athletes and coaches training at Exos.”

With 4,000 team members in 13 countries, Exos’ highly trained staff of health experts, coaches, mental health specialists and physical therapists are the ideal group to share the OOFOS experience. For more than 20 years, Exos has trained people for their specific performance needs - from pro-athletes to office workers and everything in between, offering a holistic approach with science-backed tools. Over 12,000 athletes have been supported by Exos, including 215 Olympians. With the overlap of clientele and shared mindset on proven results through science and technology, OOFOS will provide products for the facilities staff and athletes and an opportunity for clients to purchase as part of their Exos-recommended recovery toolkit.

"Optimizing recovery is a critical component to ensuring you are ready for the moments that matter most,” said Amanda Carlson-Phillips, Senior Vice President, Performance Innovation. “At Exos, we strive to help athletes on the field and employees in the workplace find simple ways to incorporate recovery in their daily lives. We are excited to partner with OOFOS and compelled by the science they’ve infused in their products and the impact we will have together on various aspects of the recovery journey." 

Overall, this partnership aims to elevate human performance through personalized support. Experts from both OOFOS and Exos know that a great workout is just the start for peak performance, and each brand brings unparalleled knowledge and support for continuous improvement.

More information can be found at www.oofos.com and www.teamexos.com.

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