OOFOS Are Approved by Mom and Son

Blogger for Mom to Grandma handed off a pair of men’s OOFOS OOriginal Sports to her oldest son who struggles with leg, knee and feet problems due to minor Cerebral Palsy. When he first received them from his mother, he was a bit skeptical, as sandals and flip-flops have never been an option for him because they make his pain worse. When he slipped his feet into the OOFOS, however, he was pleasantly surprised. The blog says,

“So, to his surprise he noticed a big difference at the end of each day he wore them. He tells me the footwear is lightweight and his feet stay comfortable all day. Where he'd be in a great deal of pain after wearing other flip flops or sandal's all day, his feet, knees legs and back are tolerating these shoes nicely.” 

We love being able to help those who struggle with leg pain and are proud to continue surprising people with our sandals. If you have don’t usually wear sandals or flip-flops due to the fact that they don’t provide you with the support, give OOFOS a try! To read the full blog review, click here.




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