OOFOS "backing" Pro Baseball Chiropractic Society

OOFOS is excited to announce our partnership to become the 2018 “Official Recovery Footwear” for the Pro Baseball Chiropractic Society.

Since starting in 2011 with our “OOriginal” Recovery Sandal and Slide, OOFOS has grown into a leader for recovery footwear in the running and sport market. Utilizing our proprietary OOfoam technology, our product absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foams, reducing stress on feet and ankles and subsequently promoting faster recovery.

Just this past year, OOFOS has sponsored its first college bowl game (The 2017 Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl), serviced over five professional teams between the NFL, NHL and MLB, and most recently outfitted over 25 athletes preparing for the NFL Draft. With summer quickly approaching, we see baseball as a perfect next stop in our pursuit toward supporting all athletes. The Pro Baseball Chiropractic Society, composed of chiropractors from 28 MLB teams, became a natural fit because of our common goal to improve and quicken the recovery process.

As we developed relationships with PBCS Board Members Alan Palmer (AZ Diamondbacks), Mickey Cohen (Miami Marlins) and Executive Director Rick Bishop, we knew it was the right time to get involved. Rick noted of our technology,

“OOFOS is by far the most comfortable footwear that I’ve worn. The OOFoam technology aids with reducing stress on the body while reducing impact therefore leading to faster recovery.”

While the season may be long and grueling for MLB players, they can count on OOFOS and PBCS to help them recover faster and perform better. Or as we like to say “Make yOO feel better!”

For more information on the PBCS please follow the link below:


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