OOFOS Is Making It Easier to Find Campgrounds Online

OOFOS Is Making It Easier to Find Campgrounds Online

Celebrate National Get Outdoors Day!


It’s finally summer (well... almost officially). That means you can let out a big old OO sigh of relief and start doing more of the things you love outside. A great time to celebrate all those hikes, trial runs, marathons, ultras, and long walks on the beach is June 9th-- National Get Outdoors Day! 

We’re celebrating by making it even easier to spend time outdoors. That’s why we’ve launched a camping review contest on The Dyrt. All you have to do to enter is submit your campground reviews, pictures, and videos, and you’ll be entered to win great OOFOS gear. Check out the details by clicking here. 

Did you know that getting outdoors actually helps you recover faster?

Studies have shown that getting outside and doing light movement not only helps with recovery by stimulating blood flow, but also simply being outside in nature can reduce lingering inflammation post-workout or run.

There’s nothing like rewarding your feet for a job well done. You deserve the same treatment. So next time you get outside, share the experience, and get rewarded with something wonderful from OOFOS. Nature and recovery go hand-in-hand!

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