Why Hikers and Campers Love OOFOS Women's Footwear

Why Hikers and Campers Love OOFOS Women's Footwear

All summer long, hikers and campers have been taking OOFOS out into the wilderness and testing their clogs, sport slides, and OOMG shoes against the elements. We finally caught up with the outdoor enthusiasts who have been test driving OOFOS women's footwear and reviewing campgrounds with our friends at The Dyrt, and they all raved about the way OOFOS made it comfier to run trails, climb mountains, and get their tents set up.


Camper Danielle S. took her OOMG shoe to Deschutes National Forest near La Pine, Oregon. “After a long day of hiking (of which I have done plenty of) my feet feel SO. Much. Better," she wrote.

"The first time I put them on was after an 11 mile hike and my feet were killing me. I felt instant relief and ended up telling a random stranger about how good my feet felt. The arch support is amazing. I tend to get arch pain no matter what shoes I use. These support my feet so well that I have no pain.”

It wasn’t just a long day’s hike that OOFOS made easier, either. Danielle found that sleeping outside was more comfortable, too, by virtue of her recovery shoes reducing the usual aches and pains she goes to bed with when backpacking.

Photo by The Dyrt Camper Danielle S.

“I usually have to sleep with a pack under my knees after hiking due to how much they ache,” said Danielle. “But I haven’t at all since getting these shoes and I am several days into my hiking/camping adventure.”

Part of what makes OOFOS especially effective outdoors isn’t just the special foam we use or the unique shape of the OOFOS sole. It’s also how light OOfoam is compared to other footwear materials. Danielle noted,

“When I first got them in the mail, I wasn’t sure my shoes had actually arrived! They are SO incredibly light. After wearing heavy hiking shoes all day, nothing feels better than slipping on a pair of shoes that are lighter than even the sandals I brought on this trip.”


Corinna B. had similar results on her trip to Oregon Sunstone Public Collection Area, near Plush, Oregon. It’s “an area in the middle of the Oregon desert literally covered with sharp glass-like rocks,” she said in her review. “I knew none of the other sandals or water shoes I had would hold up to all those rocks, and I was also dubious with the OOFOS.” 

Yet Corinna was pleasantly surprised that OOfoam was up to the harsh conditions.

"Other flip-flops I've had in the past would always get rocks and thorns stuck in the bottom that would tear holes in them. After three days out in the desert however, I was thrilled to have my OOFOS including the sole still looking like new. Definitely a 5/5 star review for my favorite new shoes.”

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A third Oregon camper, Meghan O., took her OOmg shoes all over the southern end of the state— and even wore them on the trail and all around the campground in lieu of hiking boots. She wrote,

“Since trying OOFOS at Lake Selmac, I've worn my OOmg around town to run weekend errands, on a hike to the top of Spencer Butte in Eugene (quite the uphill slog), to ease foot pain after a day in heels, during a long day in the car without cruise control. In every setting they've remained comfortable, supportive, and don't seem to wear down even after hours of my weight pressing into the foam.”

It’s not every day you find women's footwear that is supportive, comfortable, and durable. We’re proud to help more women get outside and do the things they love, from hiking and trail running to simply soaking up the beauty of nature. What’s your favorite place you’ve taken your OOFOS?

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