Patrick Pressgrove, Houston Photographer

Patrick Pressgrove, Houston Photographer

“Given the way I run with my sports prosthetics, I often feel the tightest and more tired in my hips and lower back. The benefit of OOFOS’ impact absorption is immediate relief after a workout!”

Local Celebrity

You’ve seen his work all over the OOFOS digital channels, now it’s time to turn the camera around and meet the man behind the lens.  Patrick Pressgrove is a Houston, Texas native and has lived there his entire life. Between local run groups, marathon racing, charities, full-time work as an accountant, and a budding photography career, one could argue he has become a bit of a local celebrity - and is always on the move.

A Man of Many Talents

Patrick was born with a rare genetic disorder, called Popliteal Pterygium Syndrome, which resulted in a cleft lip, cleft palate, clubbed feet and malformed legs. At age 14, he had elective amputations of both legs above the knees. “After that decision, my quality of life improved exponentially by allowing me the ability to walk and ambulate around with everyone else. Through the years, I’ve played drums in a rock band, become a distance runner, taken a leadership role in a non-profit, helped start and become captain of a prominent run club, and taken up photography on the side.”Patrick Pressgrove running, Black Checker eeZees 

Becoming A Runner

Patrick’s journey to distance running started only seven years ago, after being inspired by his dear friend and multi-time Paralympian, Mark Barr. “He was the first to truly explain to me what was possible for an amputee in athletics.” Patrick started practicing on an indoor track with his first pair of running prosthetics. These specific prosthetics have large, carbon fiber curves for the purpose of absorbing energy when landing, which then propel him forward, but they put his body in a unique position for running.  Patrick explains the feeling as being similar to walking or running on your tiptoes, as opposed to his day to day prosthetics that replicate bending in the knee and include a foot and heel. With these everyday prosthetics, Patrick can experience OOfoamTM Technology. “Given the way I run with my sports prosthetics, I often feel the tightest and more tired in my hips and lower back. The benefit of OOFOS’ impact absorption is immediate relief after a workout!”



Picture This

Patrick is a self-taught photographer who picked up the trade during 2020, educating himself from YouTube and peer advice. He would finish his full-time accounting job each day and take to the Houston running and bike trails in the evening just to practice his new hobby.  Soon he began volunteering at local running stores to photograph their events and gain exposure for his craft. Patrick started photographing independently for OOFOS just over a year ago with members of the OOFOS Content Team. Some of his work includes the Slate and Navy Sandal Collections, the Cheetah Collection, Prosecco Pop Collection and most recently, the Checkered eeZee Collection. “The brand has introduced me to great new people, allowed me to involve some of my own friends, and presents new challenges as someone who does not primarily deal in product photography.”



mOOving Within His Community

When Patrick is not running or taking photos, he is on the move, giving back to the Houston community. He is the COO of a non-profit organization called Team Catapult, with the mission to assist and serve adaptive athletes like Patrick himself. “Catapult represents a community of other athletes with similar struggles and backgrounds and it is my primary way of giving back to the adaptive community that has given me so much.” In the spirit of giving back, he recently founded the Freaks Run Club, a Friday night community run that takes place at a different location every Friday evening. The goal of this framework is to allow runners to explore all of the different places that Houston has to offer- whether it’s a new bar or a local brewery.

Freaks Run Club Group Photo 

Patrick’s dedication and inclusive personality is infectious to those around him. He strives to help others be the happier, better versions of themselves in everything he does. We are fortunate to know and to work with Patrick, who lives and breathes the OOFOS mission to “Make yOO Feel Better”. Keep an eye out for more of his work!

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