Sport Slide Sandals Can Help You Bounce Back From Tough Workouts

Sport Slide Sandals Can Help You Bounce Back From Tough Workouts

You know the feeling— your calves are aching. Your quads want to quit. Your arches feel like they’re holding up the Golden Gate Bridge. That rewarding kind of sore after a hike or trail run or snowshoeing session is a nice reminder that you pushed yourself. Nothing ruins the afterglow of a good run, though, quite like shin splints, or dissolves the thrill of tackling an intense hike like shooting knee pain. At home you might pop an grab the foam roller and some ice packs when you know you just had a tough workout. What do you do in the woods though, if you’re stuck at a crag or a campsite or an out-of-town race far from your usual creature comforts? Hopefully you packed a pair of sport slide sandals.

Why Sport Slide Sandals Are Great For Workout Recovery


Far easier to slip into a suitcase than your usual array of rollers or a spendy pair of Normatecs, sport slide sandals are one reliable way to immediately give your feet and legs a break after a tough workout. All you have to do is pull your running sneakers, rock climbing shoes, or hiking boots off and slip on your sport slide sandals. They’ll help align your muscles in such a way that reduces tension and stress from your toes to your spine.

Most sport-specific shoes, whether they’re heavily padded trainers, minimalist water shoes, hard-shank boots, or chunky cleats, are shaped and designed to help you achieve particular goals. Climbing shoes give your foot a particular shape that helps you grip rocks and boulders. Running shoes are designed to help you rock forward or strike the ground in a particular way. Hiking boots are meant to give you plenty of ankle stability and traction while protecting your feet. Those are all excellent qualities to have in a shoe, and they help you meet your goals. After your workout though, you need a shoe with another specific purpose: supporting your feet that just gave their all.

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Sport slide sandals like OOFOS are designed to give your feet a break. The shape is meant to help you walk naturally, without heel striking or putting undue weight on the ball of your foot. The foam is dense enough to support your the bones and muscles in your feet and ankles. That same foam also has enough give to take the pressure off your joints by absorbing impact as you walk. All that combined makes it simpler for your body to out lactic acid and repair the minute tears in your muscles that come with a hard workout. And all you have to do is swap out what’s on your feet.

So next time you’re packing your gym back, a big backpack for a weekend escape, or your suitcase for a destination marathon, make room for your OOFOS sport slide sandals. It’s a small thing that can make a big impact on how much time you can spend on the activities you love best, and stay on the right side of sore.




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