Take your “first step” in recovery with OOFOS: The after-XTERRA Recovery Shoe

Take your “first step” in recovery with OOFOS: The after-XTERRA Recovery Shoe

Let’s face it, training to swim, bike or run is hard enough.  Training to swim, bike AND run (all off-road!) can take a toll on the body.  That’s why OOFOS is proud to be a presenting sponsor of the XTERRA Pan-Am Tour. Reduce impact and improve recovery between sessions with OOFOS’ proprietary OOfoam technology and patented footbed design.  OOFOS aren’t designed for the 1-2 hours per day you are training … OOFOS are designed for the 22 hours per day you are not!

OOfoam Technology

Engineered by leading footwear-industry experts and backed by top trainers, orthopedics, podiatrists and athletes, OOFOS’ OOfoam technology …

  • Absorbs 37% more impact than traditional performance foams
  • Cradles arches to relieve pressure on soft tissue
  • Reduces stress on sore feet knees and back
  • Is biomechanically engineered to create natural movement of the foot and ankle

And did we mention that OOfoam is a completely closed cell foam technology?  That means no matter where you are training the dirt, sweat and tears you put into your workouts won’t be absorbed by your OOFOS.  And when they get a little dusty, just throw them in the washing machine to clean them off … or, wear them to your next swim session.  Even if they fall off in the river, they float!

Hear what the athletes are saying

Professional, competitive and recreational athletes alike are already recognizing the benefits of OOfoam in their athletic lives and beyond.

“I have to tell you there is one bad thing about OOFOS - no other shoes feel comfortable anymore! I love them, it feels like walking on clouds!” – Viet Honle, XTERRA Pan-Am Pro Athlete

“David and I truly have lived in our shoes since we purchased them. What a great find they were for both of us. We continue to tell others about the amazing benefits of these shoes!” – Denise and David Wright, XTERRA Competitors

I've been mixing up my training and ya think I would be sore from all the circuit training and stuff, but I still run strong. It must be the OO factor!” – Nozomi Wade, XTERRA Ambassador & Competitor

We look forward to meeting yOO!

You can check out the full line of OOFOS footwear at OOFOS.com. And be sure to come meet us at the following XTERRA Pan-Am Tour events in 2017. We will have product on-hand for sale. Or you can purchase beforehand to ensure optimal recovery heading into an event, and prepared to take the first step in recovery as soon as you finish!

  • 2 XTERRA Regional Championships
      • Pelham, Alabama – May 20-21
      • Beaver Creek, Colorado – July 15-16.
  • XTERRA Pan Am Championship – Utah – September 15-16.
  • XTERRA Trail Running National Championship– Utah-September 17.
  • XTERRA World Championship – Hawaii-October 25-29.
  • XTERRA Trail Run Championship– Hawaii-December 3.


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