Texans' Chad Hansen Feels the OO

Texans' Chad Hansen Feels the OO

"OO That's Pro Talk" takes a close look at what medical professionals and athletes have to say about OOFOS and our contributions to recovering active individuals.

In this instance of "OO That's Pro Talk", we spoke with Chad Hansen about his experience using OOFOS for recovery. 

OOFOS: What are your "go to" methods for recovering the lower limbs and feet?

CH: My "go-to" method to aid in recovering my lower limbs and feet are the OOFOS shoes. My lower legs feel much more relaxed and ready to perform by wearing these shoes pre- and post-practice or game. Wearing the OOFOS shoes really helped me with my chronic Achilles tendonitis and continues to aid in my overall recovery by minimizing the amount of force that my feet endure.

Chad feels the OO

OOFOS: How important of a role does "recovery" play in your own life as you work day in and day out during a very busy and often hectic season?

CH: All athletes know that recovery is just as important as the workout because the level of recovery dictates how well you perform. After my practices and games, I used to get bad Achilles tendonitis, and I tried every rehab form imaginable to solve this problem. I was then told by a teammate who had the same problem to try the OOFOS shoe, and within two weeks, the Achilles tendonitis I had completely went away. Now OOFOS shoes are my go-to recovery tool after every practice. 

OOFOS: How have you increased emphasis on recovering the lower limbs and feet as a "skill position" player? 

CH: As a professional football player, I know how important it is to keep the lower limbs and feet strong and healthy because of all the force they have to endure daily. I have found that OOFOS shoes and sandals have been the best way for me to recover after a rigorous practice or game.

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