Thanksgiving week is upon us, and now is a great time to take a step back and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for.  In this time of gratitude, we at OOFOS are, first and foremost, thankful for all of you—our OOmazingcustomers and friends. We value your loyal support of the OOFOS brand day in and day out. Your constant support, feedback and confidence in us truly makes all of us feel better, and helps us continue working to “make yOO feel better”.  Counting you among our customers is something for which we are especially grateful.

Of course, it’s important to be thankful throughout the year, but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, the OOFOS team wanted to take this opportunity to come together and share some of the things that we are thankful for.  Check out some quotes below from members of Team OOFOS, and comment letting us know what you are thankful for this year.

We are thankful for…

“… all those who make me feel better. I am so thankful for everyone on team OO who work hard to make people feel better every day. I am thankful for the good friends I have that support me no matter what. I am especially thankful for my family who support me with their love and in particular my 3 beautiful granddaughters, who make me feel better by just looking at their loving faces!”

“… being part of a great company where the culture and my fellow employees are incredible and inviting. I love that we offer products helping people feel good. I know it's sappy and sounds lame but I am always thankful when I love what I do and where I work. Very important.”

“…my family and my friends, as I have been truly blessed to have such special people in my life.  I am also thankful for having found OOFOS.”

“… a company who not only cares about me, but also cares about the well-being of my family, which now includes our beautiful little daughter, Abigail.”

“…my family, my job and my pup! I'm also thankful I get to watch people's’ expressions when they put on their first pair of OOFOS! It's the best!”

…being part of a team who is focused on providing unparalleled customer comfort and support. Much like our experience based OOfoam technology- we at OOFOS get to 'feel the OO' love from our customers online and at our authorized retailers every single day. That's what makes our job worthwhile.”

“…my ‘gentle giant’, Rocko!”



“…my baby kitty Billy Bean, and my family who support me in everything and anything I do.”

“… having such fantastic teammates here at Oofos!”

"... November 2017 marking the end of Year 3 of my expanded life journey -  intertwining the new things that cancer has brought into my life.  I'm thankful for the expanded world that this journey has exposed to me.   I'm thankful for my faith, my family, my Dana-Farber family and their treatments, my OOFOS family and OOFOS' support of being a part of this journey.   I'm thankful for Paul, Lou, Juan and Steve reaching out to me and inviting me to join the OOFOS journey in 2011 as we launched this special brand,  staying true to our vision, and actually seeing it work as we continue to grow through getting OOFOS on as many people's feet as possible around the globe - so we can make them feel better.

“… ALL the wonderful opportunities I’ve had this year to connect with people heart to heart on my travels with OOFOS and in my role as a support to our Customer Service Team.  Having so many rich conversations/exchanges makes my heart smile as I believe it’s why we’re here on earth.  Sharing my passion for wellness inside and out with our Team is something that brings me great gratitude as well! And I am always grateful for my health and the great health of friends and family.”

“…the opportunity to work with everyone at OOFOS, as well as my family and that I can actually realize the real value of family, which I didn’t truly start to understand until a few years ago.”

…. many things but health is the number one thing for me.  To have your health allows me to do many things, explore so many opportunities and live a happy life. Then I am thankful that I had the common sense and ‘wherewithal’ to marry my husband some 32 years ago.  Without his unwavering support and encouragement, I could not have achieved the professional success I have enjoyed over the years.  Lastly, I am thankful for my family, those near and extended, that have shared so many memorable moments over the years with me and provided me with so much joy and allowed my inner child to thrive.”

“… quite a lot this year. I am grateful for my life and that of my family and friends. And I am certainly happy and thankful for working with such as awesome and caring team.”

“…just celebrating my 5-year anniversary with OOFOSI I’m very grateful for the team I work with every day and the friendships/contacts I have made over the past 5 years. Most importantly I’m thankful for my family, friends, faith and health.”

“… the OOFOS team who believes in me and supports me beyond what I could've hoped for, not to mention all the friends I have made so quickly. It's amazing. I'm thankful for my husband who uplifts me and is such a positive, joyful presence in my life. I'm thankful for a great family back in NC that I miss everyday which just speaks to how awesome they are. I'm also thankful that I am able to run and do what I love most every day.”

“… the many amazing, supportive people in my life who I am lucky enough to be surrounded by- my family and close friends. I am also so thankful for my health, and of course, for the OOFOS team who is so encouraging and makes coming to work each day feel fun and not like work at all.”  


On behalf of everyone at OOFOS,

we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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