The OOmg Sport: New Design, Proven OOfoam™!

The OOmg Sport: New Design, Proven OOfoam™!

OOFOS’ latest release features the same trusted OOfoam™ technology with updated styling for an athletic look. It's another game-changer for Active Recovery.

As a leader in recovery technology, OOFOS continues to deliver innovative designs inspired by superior athletes.

Introducing the OOmg Sport. It’s an athlete-inspired recovery shoe. Designed and built for post-game recovery but street-ready for any occasion.

No matter where or when you choose to wear your OOmg Sport, you’ll get the same great Active Recovery benefits you’ve come to expect from OOFOS.

About The OOmg Sport

Exercise takes a toll on our bodies. This is true whether we’re workout warriors or professional athletes. We’re most likely to feel these stresses in our feet and ankles. After a long day or a particularly intense workout, we’re faced with not just fatigue but soreness, muscle tightness, and pain.

The OOmg Sport is built using our proprietary OOfoam™ technology and our patented footbed geometry. The midsole is accentuated by a tapered sidewall paired with our unique four-way stretch FibreFlex upper that forms to your every move. This allows for maximum foot mobility in an athletic, closed-toe silhouette that’s ready to take on any season.

It’s lightweight, flexible, and ready to help yOO get back to your best.



In short: The OOmg Sport is yet another game-changer for Active Recovery. From the people who understand it best. For the people who need it most.

The OOmg Sport aesthetic is deliberately minimalist. The technical aspects are decidedly innovative.

  • Proprietary OOfoam™ technology absorbs 37% more impact,
    so your body doesn’t have to.
  • The one-piece upper and best-selling FibreFlex textile
    combine to provide enhanced recovery. 
  • Tapered sidewall design enhances forefoot freedom and splay.
  • Patented footbed design cradles arches for optimal fit and plantar support.
  • Lace-free upper provides 360 degrees of pressure distribution allowing for maximum mobility with minimal pressure points.
  • Developed and manufactured specifically for Active Recovery.
  • Radial heel and forefoot enable natural gait motion and mechanics.
  • Proven to reduce instability, eliminate imbalances, reduce load, and ease forces
    on joints and tissue more effectively than traditional performance shoes.


Styles, Colors, Features

Available in a variety of color combinations in both men’s and women’s sizing, the OOmg Sport also features a wealth of features that aid in one’s day-to-day Active Recovery:

  • Lightweight, flexible, and packable. Easily fits into a gym or equipment bag.
  • Tapered sidewall enhances the sport-forward look of the shoe’s modern design.
  • One-piece FibreFlex upper provides a sock-like feel.
  • The four-way stretch feature and high elasticity provide a generous fit that molds to one’s foot, making sizing and fit a cinch.
  • Perfect for athletes and the athleisure lifestyle.


This is the OOFOS OOmg Sport.
Built for recovery.
Backed by science.
Trusted by champions.
Loved by all.

Hear more about the experienced benefits, inspiring stories and positive impact of OOFOS Recovery Footwear from The OOCrew.

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