This Half Marathon Enthusiast Recovers with OOFOS

With a total of 69 races completed in 2016 and a 1000 day run streak under her belt, it's safe to say that Funner Runner blogger Brandi's feet take a beating. She tried out a pair of OOahh Sport Slide sandals post 15K and had some great things to say!

 "The way the OOfoam "squishes" to conform to my feet and arch made it that every part of my foot felt supported. It is crazy - you would think that the foam would either be too soft and not support the foot well or be too stiff and not comfortable at all. Nope, OOFOS got this down pat!"

We're glad her OOFOS are helping her recover so she can get back out there and crush her goal of completing 100 half marathons! Whether you're racing every weekend like Brandi or take a more casual approach to running, our OOfoam technology can help your feet recover, too. Check out the full review here.



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