Tips for Setting Fitness Goals

Tips for Setting Fitness Goals

Developing and instituting a fitness regime can be difficult. Consistency is key, and many people struggle with sticking to a workout plan.
Are you ready to finally get fit, improve your stamina or simply to feel healthier?
Finding different exercise moves is easy, especially with the internet at our fingertips. But finding that motivation to stay committed and consistent, now that’s a different story.
Here are some tips that you can implement to help get one step closer to reaching your fitness goals.


1) Focus on the action. Don’t get caught up thinking about the end result, instead focus on what you can do in the moment. Sign up for a gym membership, start running twice a week, slowly cut down your soda intake. Little steps will add up to help you reach that end fitness goal.

2) Find an activity that makes you happy. It’s difficult to stick to a routine when you’re not having fun. Don’t enjoy running? Find another form of cardio that makes you excited. Hate going to the gym?  There are plenty of ways to stay active outdoors.  You’re much more likely to develop a consistent routine and get closer to reaching your goals when you’re participating in activities that you actually enjoy.

3) Write it down. Seeing your goals written on paper can help keep you committed to reaching them. It doesn’t have to be long or involved, either. Simple, motivational words can help inspire you to hit the gym, even on days that you’re not feeling like it.

4) Celebrate milestones. Losing the first 5lbs, cutting down the time it takes you to run one mile, lifting weights 20lbs heavier. Remember that fitness is a continuous journey that takes commitment, consistency and time. Recognize and celebrate your progress along the way. 

5) Don’t underestimate the importance of rest and recovery. Regular exercise is important, but so is taking the time to let your body and your mind rest. Especially when you’re developing a fitness routine, letting your body recover from increased activity is key in supporting your overall wellbeing. Prioritize your health and wellbeing so that you can perform your best. Take a rest day in between workouts, use recovery tools (like OOFOS) to support your muscles and joints, get enough sleep every night. Your body deserves it.



Do you have any tips on ways that you’ve implemented a consistent fitness routine? Let us know in the comments!


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