What are YOUR Active Lifestyle Essentials? #OOessentials

What are YOUR Active Lifestyle Essentials? #OOessentials


We all have things we never leave the house without when we leave for work, the gym or a typical day out – our essentials. When it comes to leading an active lifestyle, we’d never leave the house without the things we need to tackle the gym or hit the trail, or the things we need to help us feel better and recover afterwards. We head out with the essentials – At the bare minimum, the phone, water bottle, headphones, running shoes and OOFOS. We call these our OOessentials. Our fans love showing us their OOessentials and we hope that you will too.

What are your OOessentials?! 

Show us what always makes it in your bag when hitting a workout, getting balanced at yoga, or adventuring on a mountain trail by snapping a picture and sharing on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #OOessentials!

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite OOessentials shots!

1. OOFOS fan @duarte_partay shared with us his pack ready to hit the Appalachian Trail! Our shoes are extremely lightweight, and he was able to keep his bag under 15lbs! OOFOS, water bottle, hiking poles and umbrella – He looks ready! 

2. OOFOS fan @_liv_fit_ shows us how an LA Marathon runner packs for some serious marathon recovery. In addition to Topricin cream, BlisterMedic and Recovery Gel, OOlalas are an essential part of her marathon life! 

3. OOFOS fan @hypeordierunning is a swimmer, runner and cyclist! He’s shared with us a full spread of his favorite things for all sorts of training – from his cycling gear, right down to the OOFOS he uses to take the pressure off after some serious work!

Support and recovery are an essential part of bringing a workout full circle, and an essential part of the active lifestyle. Show us how OOFOS fit into your life! #OOessentials

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