OOFOS are perfect for Trail Triathletes!

OOFOS are perfect for Trail Triathletes!

Xterra Spotlight: Meet World Contender Kat Marks

Kat Marks will compete at the Xterra World Championships in Maui on Sunday, October 29, 2017. She began competing in triathlons five years ago and is this year’s 2017 ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion in the 25-29 age group. Marks is passionate about competing, but especially the Xterra experience. Xterra competitions are famous for their aggressive courses, a feature that draws Kat to the event rather than intimidates her. Kat has been extremely successful in the event, despite being relatively new to the sport. 

Train hard, recover harder

"This is my third year competing in Xterra triathlons. Xterra's are so fun... challenging you to your limits and pushing you to experience more, I have a dream of being a Professional triathlete hopefully by next year,” explains Marks. No stranger to rigorous training schedules, discipline, and finding the right gear, Marks has discovered OOFOS and we can definitely say that she’s felt the OO! "I love OOFOS because I spend so much of my time training that sometimes I can't get off my feet, so when I wear OOFOS after workouts and throughout my day, it makes my legs and feet SO happy. When I don't wear running or cycling shoes, I literally only wear OOFOS around now, it makes a huge difference!"

The impact of OOFOAM  

As soon as Kat crosses the finish line at her races, you'll see her change right into her OOFOS! In her blog, Kat explains that in the past, recovery has been tough to prioritize because of her excitement and love for training. But she knows that recovery is just as important. OOFOS have helped her prioritize recovery and maximize its benefits! OOFOS recovery shoes are the only footwear with OOfoam’s impact absorbing technology.   Our footwear speeds up recovery after hard runs and races, by alleviating pain from intense exercise, over-use and common foot issues like Plantar Fasciitis. More about Kat and OOFOS here! 








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