May 23, 2016


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Post Marathon Essentials: An OOFOS Review from a Mountain Marathoner

Lyra Mag marathoner and blogger recently wrote an article on the secrets to recovering after a hilly marathon on mountain roads in the midst of cold, wind, and rain! This sort of marathon is an amazing feat on behalf of your body – It takes a lot out of you. Following the right recovery steps afterwards can help you spend more time reveling in what you’ve accomplished, and spend less time with any resulting aches and pains. One of the pillars of Lyra Mag’s 3-part remedy for marathon recovery is OOFOS:

OOFOS recovery shoes with their unique foam composition-are so comfy/shock absorbing and energy returning/supportive...we got Vibram outsoles on this pair so we can wear them outside on the concrete sidewalks. Weary feet get coddled, arches cradled without any hard discomfort (like-say some custom insoles), and a reviving bounce is added to our stride ...which is saying something after a long long run. New slides out are cute too! Running stores probably the first to get on the OOFOS band wagon...for obvs reasons." 


To shop the look featured in Lyra Mag’s marathon foot recovery article, the OOcloog Luxe, click the image above. To read the full article on Lyra Mag, click here.

May 11, 2016


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OOlalas, Field Tested, Outdoor Approved


At www.mountainmatron.com, Social Nomad and Digital Journalist, Rozanne 'Mountain Matron' Cassone shares her experiences to empower, educate and encourage women to adventure outdoors. We asked her to field test a pair of black OOlalas on one of her long hikes, and this is what she had to say:

“…that 'OO' and 'AH' moment, is real. Hiking long miles is my thing, I enjoy it, and if given the option, I hike all day. When hiking mile after mile, my feet hurt. They scream for relief and are noticeably, needing to breathe. OOFOS women’s recovery sandals allows just that. My feet immediately feel relief. They feel genuine comfort. Most of all, they feel supported and correctly mobilized for movement. And although your OOFOS don’t make your real world responsibilities any more exciting than usual they certainly make it physically so.”

Click the image below to shop the OOFOS OOlala look Rozanne took on her hiking trip in the image above. 

To read the whole review and to learn more about the “Mountain Matron”, click here .

May 11, 2016


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Golfers Love OOFOS: Here's Why

We’ve had a lot of great feedback from golfers around the country. After hours on the course standing on your feet, sliding into a pair of OOFOS provides instant relief and comfort. OOFOS were recently featured on the Golf LifeStyle blog. Golf LifeStyle is a big fan of OOFOS qualities like the impact absorption, long lasting support and cushioning, durability, and the machine washable factor. They say,

"You will not find a better sandal then OOFOS when it comes to comfort. Your pair of OOFOS will provide you impact absorption and arch support that your traditional recreational footwear can’t. They help reduce stress on your feet, knees and lower back. The design cradles your arches and allows natural motion to take pressure off of your knees, hips and lower back. Just picture that moment after walking 18 holes and then slipping on your pair of OOFOS. Instant gratification awaits."

To read the whole review, click here.

April 28, 2016


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Avid Arizona Runner & Trainer Says OOFOS Are Like Walking on Clouds

In the hot weather of Arizona, OOFOS fan and fitness blogger, Kindal Wallum loves sliding into her OOlalas after a workout. She says of her OOFOS,

  “…as I ran my errands in my flat sandals all day my feet began to hurt and become tired and sore. Insert OOFOS – these sandals solved the problem almost instantly. The cloud like cushion and arch support allowed my feet to recover while running errands after a long workout without any pain or additional fatigue. Now there is no going back to the days of flat foot sandals and feeling like I’m walking on concrete all day when I can feel like I’m walking on clouds.”

 And what better way to walk on clouds than in her Cloud White OOlalas!


OOFOS OOlala shoe in cloud white design.  

When Kendal is not outside running or updating the training tips on her blog, she is working as a medical professional, which requires her to wear closed toed shoes. Kendal tried the OOFOS OOCloog Luxe, saying,

I wore them at work over the weekend from my 12 and 8 hour shifts and fell in LOVE. I love the ease of being able to slip them on and off as well as the cushion and arch support to keep my feet happy throughout the day especially after my 4 AM workouts! OOFOs clogs are also $65 dollars which is half the price of normal medical clogs sold at scrub shops around the country and I know everyone LOVES a deal especially when it’s an AMAZING product!

Read Kindal’s full review, here.

March 30, 2016


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Running Through the Storms Review

Running Through the Storms runner and blogger suffers from chronic plantar fasciitis. After trying many of the popular and expensive sandal brands, she finally found the relief she needs in OOFOS, saying:

I can't imagine returning to another brand of shoes or sandals, as long as I live, especially after working out hard. These things are so plushy, comfortable and downright heaven to my feet. I can't believe I've gone as long as I have without them! 

In addition to stress relief in the feet and knees, she has particularly noticed an improvement in the lower back. This is a key OOFOS difference – Comfortable shoes will give the feet some relief, but OOFOS provide needed support to several areas of the body up through the lower back.

Shop the OOFOS OOlala look featured in this review here:

Image of the OOFOS women's OOlala black sandal for foot support and foot recovery.


View the full Running Through the Storms review here: http://www.runningthroughthestorms.com/2016/03/oofos-giveaway.html?m=1

March 22, 2016


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Why Golfers Choose OOFOS When Off the Course

Modern golfers look for clean and contemporary shoes that match their style and their agendas. Shoes receive extra marks from the golfing community for versatility and comfort, especially from those who suffer from foot pain. Golf Fashion Weekly featured OOFOS in a golfer lifestyle footwear review, commenting that the OOfoam recovery material and unparalleled arch support help anybody’s feet feel rejuvenated after a long day of walking 18 holes, carrying bags, and putting added pressure on the feet, ankles, and knees for a good golf swing.

“I walked over 45,000 steps on concrete flooring of the Orange County Convention Ctr. during the 3-day PGA Merchandise Show while wearing OOFOS OOriginal Footwear (thong sandal). I was astonished…no foot pain, body aches or fatigue. It amazed me that a thong sandal could provide such incredible support and comfort.”

Read the full article on Golf Fashion Weekly here: http://golffashionweekly.com/golf-accessories/shoes-sandals/footwear-that-takes-you-from-the-tee-to-the-sea/

March 14, 2016


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OOFOS For All Outdoors

One thing that’s so great about OOFOs is that they fit into a variety of lifestyles for recovery after exercise, being on your feet or general wear on the feet. When they aren’t out conquering the elements athletes and outdoor-seekers in particular turn to OOFOS for the recovery and relief benefits. OOFOS were recently featured on the 4 All Outdoors blog, which focuses on outdoor adventures, tips, and gear reviews!

Whether outside or inside, these outdoor enthusiasts agree that OOFOS has much more to offer than superior comfort alone. Jenn at 4 All Outdoors has noticed how much relief OOFOS give her from planters fasciitis symptoms and notes some of her favorite OOFOS highlights in her review, including:

  • Foot support provides relief from planters fasciitis
  • Thick soles prevent feeling rocks & gravel underfoot
  • No blisters even after long walks
  • Bacteria & moisture resistant build
  • Good surface traction

Check out Jenn’s review here: http://4alloutdoors.org/reviews/footwear-2/19202-2/