June 22, 2016


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What are YOUR Active Lifestyle Essentials? #OOessentials



We all have things we never leave the house without when we leave for work, the gym or a typical day out – our essentials. When it comes to leading an active lifestyle, we’d never leave the house without the things we need to tackle the gym or hit the trail, or the things we need to help us feel better and recover afterwards. We head out with the essentials – At the bare minimum, the phone, water bottle, headphones, running shoes and OOFOS. We call these our OOessentials. Our fans love showing us their OOessentials and we hope that you will too.

What are your OOessentials?! 

Show us what always makes it in your bag when hitting a workout, getting balanced at yoga, or adventuring on a mountain trail by snapping a picture and sharing on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #OOessentials!

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite OOessentials shots!

1. OOFOS fan @duarte_partay shared with us his pack ready to hit the Appalachian Trail! Our shoes are extremely lightweight, and he was able to keep his bag under 15lbs! OOFOS, water bottle, hiking poles and umbrella – He looks ready! 


2. OOFOS fan @_liv_fit_ shows us how an LA Marathon runner packs for some serious marathon recovery. In addition to Topricin cream, BlisterMedic and Recovery Gel, OOlalas are an essential part of her marathon life! 


3. OOFOS fan @hypeordierunning is a swimmer, runner and cyclist! He’s shared with us a full spread of his favorite things for all sorts of training – from his cycling gear, right down to the OOFOS he uses to take the pressure off after some serious work!

Support and recovery are an essential part of bringing a workout full circle, and an essential part of the active lifestyle. Show us how OOFOS fit into your life! #OOessentials

June 09, 2016


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Mommy Knows What’s Best Review

Marissa, the blogger of Mommy Knows Best recently tried out the OOriginal collection. Marissa suffers from plantar fasciitis and started wearing her OOFOS everywhere due to the absolute comfort they provide her! She said,

“I have worn them shopping, in the grass, to baseball games, and on long walks. I have worn them while baby wearing with extra weight and pressure being put on my legs and feet. They are by far the most comfortable flip flops (even though their really not flip flops) I have ever owned!”

Marissa is running an OOFOS giveaway on her blog through June 13th! Checkout her full review, here, and scroll to the end of the article to enter. Best of luck from the OOFOS team!

June 06, 2016


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Summer Ready Thanks to OOFOS: A Review by Simply Me

This blogger review comes from a mom who is just simply excited to be prepared for summer thanks to her OOFOS! A favorite activity of hers is taking her kids to amusement parks. Those Splash Mountain rides can be a blast until you’re getting irritated from squishing around in wet shoes hours afterwards. This mom loves the fact that her comfortable, durable and waterproof OOFOS erase this problem and make the perfect companion for some of her favorite summer days with the family! She had to say, 

The underfoot support absorbs your steps as you walk! This makes your feet, legs and back feel better. They are super easy to clean and dry almost instantly. I like that the part that goes between my toes doesn't cut my skin, I had a few flip flops that were so uncomfortable. I don't have that issue with my OOFOS!

Checkout the full review here, or click the image above to check out the Oolala, perfect for the summer season and featured on Simply Me!

June 02, 2016

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Sandals That Make the Happy Feet Trifecta: Comfy, Supportive, AND Cute!

Kristen & Belinda, the busy mommy bloggers of Mudpies & Tiaras lead an active lifestyle keeping up with their combined 10 children between the ages of 3 and 15. Kristen recently took OOFOS out for a nice Spring test drive. She tried the OOlalas and describes in her review how she has struggled to find sandals that really hit the trifecta: comfy, supportive, and cute, even though she loves sandals! Kristen says,

“Friends, it was love at first step. These shoes are like walking on sea foam. They are cute and incredibly supportive! ...my husband tried on my pair of OOlalas and sighed. He then asked for a pair of the men’s styles for Father’s Day.” 

To read the full review by Kristen on her blog, click here, or click the image above to shop the style that Kristen likes!

June 02, 2016


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Enter the Fit BFFs OOFOS giveaway contest here: http://bit.ly/1RtMZ8M

Runner and active lifestyle blogger, Carla, runs the Fit BFFs blog. We love Carla’s story and we sent her a pair of OOahh Sports to try out in addition to her trusty OOcloogs. Carla took her new OOahh Sports on a journey to San Diego to tackle a half marathon and wrote about the support and recovery assistance that her OOFOS provided. Carla says, 

“…I craved the impact-absorption and arch support of these OOahhs. They share the utmost in after-sport recovery comfort with my previous favorites the OOlalas and OOcloogs…Honestly, I don’t know how they do it, but OOfos technology seems to miraculously support all the parts of my feet in exactly the right places. Slipping into these OOahhs with my weary, road-worn feet was like stepping onto heavenly pillows. Really, Friends, they felt that good!”

To read the entire review, click here. Currently, Carla is running an OOFOS giveaway contest through next Wednesday right on her blog! Follow the link provided at the top of this article to enter the contest for some free, supportive recovery shoes, and click the image above to shop the OOahh Sport!

May 23, 2016


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Post Marathon Essentials: An OOFOS Review from a Mountain Marathoner

Lyra Mag marathoner and blogger recently wrote an article on the secrets to recovering after a hilly marathon on mountain roads in the midst of cold, wind, and rain! This sort of marathon is an amazing feat on behalf of your body – It takes a lot out of you. Following the right recovery steps afterwards can help you spend more time reveling in what you’ve accomplished, and spend less time with any resulting aches and pains. One of the pillars of Lyra Mag’s 3-part remedy for marathon recovery is OOFOS:

OOFOS recovery shoes with their unique foam composition-are so comfy/shock absorbing and energy returning/supportive...we got Vibram outsoles on this pair so we can wear them outside on the concrete sidewalks. Weary feet get coddled, arches cradled without any hard discomfort (like-say some custom insoles), and a reviving bounce is added to our stride ...which is saying something after a long long run. New slides out are cute too! Running stores probably the first to get on the OOFOS band wagon...for obvs reasons." 


To shop the look featured in Lyra Mag’s marathon foot recovery article, the OOcloog Luxe, click the image above. To read the full article on Lyra Mag, click here.

May 11, 2016


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OOlalas, Field Tested, Outdoor Approved


At www.mountainmatron.com, Social Nomad and Digital Journalist, Rozanne 'Mountain Matron' Cassone shares her experiences to empower, educate and encourage women to adventure outdoors. We asked her to field test a pair of black OOlalas on one of her long hikes, and this is what she had to say:

“…that 'OO' and 'AH' moment, is real. Hiking long miles is my thing, I enjoy it, and if given the option, I hike all day. When hiking mile after mile, my feet hurt. They scream for relief and are noticeably, needing to breathe. OOFOS women’s recovery sandals allows just that. My feet immediately feel relief. They feel genuine comfort. Most of all, they feel supported and correctly mobilized for movement. And although your OOFOS don’t make your real world responsibilities any more exciting than usual they certainly make it physically so.”

Click the image below to shop the OOFOS OOlala look Rozanne took on her hiking trip in the image above. 

To read the whole review and to learn more about the “Mountain Matron”, click here .