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What are OOFOS made of?

OOFOS are constructed from a unique and proprietary, closed cell foam — we named it OOfoam. You won’t find it anywhere but in a pair of OOFOS.

What makes OOfoam special?

When you pick up a pair of OOFOS, the first thing you notice is their incredible lightness. Put them on and you can feel the difference immediately: that’s OOfoam. It’s a breakthrough in recovery technology, offering 37% more impact absorption than EVA (traditional foam found in athletic shoes).
This means that with each step, the impact that travels from your feet up through your body is reduced by more than a third! So instead of stressing tired feet and joints after a workout, OOfoam and the patented OOFOS footbed absorb impact. When you’re not exercising, OOfoam gives your whole body the opportunity to relax, rebuild and recover.

Do OOFOS contain harsh chemicals or dyes?

In designing OOFOS, our first priorities were safety and quality. Unlike cheap flip-flops typically constructed of EVA foam, OOFOS footwear is made using a patented, closed cell foam that has non-toxic properties.  OOFOS are also painted with non-toxic paints.  You can feel good wearing OOFOS next to your skin.

Do OOFOS have latex in them?

No, OOFOS footwear does not contain latex, so those with latex sensitivity can safely wear any of our styles.

Where are OOFOS made?

OOFOS are made in Korea and Vietnam to our closely monitored specifications. The OOmg is made and constructed in China.

How durable are OOFOS?

OOfoam support and cushioning lasts for the life of the shoe. OOFOS don’t lose form as quickly as typical EVA foams. Wear tests show that OOfoam experiences lower abrasion because it moves with the ground and your foot at the same time. It is working “with” hard surfaces rather than against them, which reduces the wear you would see on a normal outsole. We recommend replacing your OOFOS approximately as often as you replace your running shoes, but that is dependent on how often you wear them. We recommend approximately every 4-6 months with regular wear. 


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Why are OOFOS not “flip flops?”

Traditional flip-flops may offer some comfort, but they lack cushioning and arch support and can actually lead to conditions like tendinitis. Most medical professionals do not recommend wearing flip-flops for this reason — they’re not healthy for your feet. We designed OOFOS to provide impact absorption and arch support typical flip-flops lack, so feet get a chance to recover in between workouts.

What do you mean by “recovery”?

OOFOS was developed by veterans of the athletic footwear industry along with an expert foam chemist. Our mission was to create a new material (OOfoam) that could help fitness enthusiasts and athletes recover in between workouts. Much like sports drinks energy gels help people replenish post-workout, we want OOFOS to be your go-to shoe for taking the stress off feet and joints, so that they can rebuild and recover before tomorrow’s workout.

Can OOFOS really help with recovery?

Yes! The impact absorption properties of OOFOS really do take pressure off of your joints. This allows you to go about your day after a workout without adding unnecessary stress to feet and joints, giving them time to rejuvenate and recharge.

Do I have to be an athlete to wear OOFOS?

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts were the first to recognize how OOFOS made their feet feel better, helping them to recover after a workout. But people who suffer from various foot issues find that the amazing impact absorption properties of OOFOS provide the relief they’re looking for. As well as people just looking for a comfortable, supportive shoe for all day wearing.

Can OOFOS help with my Plantar Fasciitis?

Dating back to the very first wear tests of OOFOS in 2012, many customers have reported relief from pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis and the bone spurs that can accompany this condition. How can that be? Because with OOfoam and our biomechanically engineered footbed help to increase circulation, which in turn helps tissue on the plantar (bottom) of the foot gain mobility, thus taking the pressure off.

But that’s not all — our customers tell us that their neuromas, bunions and hammertoes are also feeling relief as they wear OOFOS.

Are OOFOS good for people with “flat feet”?

Technically, there is no such thing as a flat foot. A foot that is presenting as “flat” is actually a weak foot. Our OOfoam material allows the natural articulation of the foot and engages tissue on the bottom of the foot. The muscles and connective tissue respond to the motion. This activates the muscles in the feet and legs, helping to strengthen them.

You want to make sure the arch of the shoe is centered under the arch of the foot. Next, you want to make sure the heel is fully supported on the footbed. Then you will have the correct fit.


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How do I clean my OOFOS?

Keeping your OOFOS looking good as new is easy. You can either toss them in your washing machine on the cold cycle with mild detergent or scrub them in the sink with a brush and mild soap. The OOmg should be washed in cold water on the delicate cycle. Once washed, towel them dry and they’re ready to wear immediately — or put them out to dry in the shade. NEVER put your OOFOS in the dryer.


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How do I know what size OOFOS to order?

We have two sizing types of OOFOS-- most of of OOFOS are unisex sizing, medium-width. The OOriginal/ OOriginal Sport, OOahh/OOahh Sport, and OOCloog are all unisex shoes that come in the standard medium width.

Our OOlala collection is a women’s style, medium-width. You will find that the OOlala has a slightly more narrow footbed, and we suggest this style for someone with narrow feet. 

All styles of OOFOS footwear have the same patented footbed design and are made of OOfoam.
If you normally wear a whole size, order the same whole size of OOFOS. Our shoes have a medium-width footbed, but please keep in mind that everyone’s feet are different and the sizing is not the same for everyone.

  • If you normally wear a half size:
  • Women: we suggest ordering a half size UP for best fit.
  • Men: we suggest ordering a half size DOWN for best fit.

    We suggest using our Retail Locator Tool at to find a retail store near you where someone can assist you with fit. Additionally, you can shop worry free at with free shipping!

    The footbed of each pair of OOFOS shoes is the same, so the OOCloog should fit the same as other OOFOS. However, some people find that they need to size up in the OOCloog, due to it being closed-toe. Particularly in the colder weather, people tend to wear socks with the clog, as well, so we do recommend sizing up if you are questioning the size.


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    What is the OOFOS Warranty?

    Every pair of OOFOS purchased from OOFOS or an authorized OOFOS dealer is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for six months from the date of purchase. If upon inspection we determine there is a defect in your OOFOS, we will replace them with a new pair.

    If you believe your product is defective, please email a completed Warranty Return Form to us at along with the following pictures:

    • Product in its entirety
    • Bottom of soles showing tread
    • Defective area
    • Proof of purchase within months from an authorized dealer or seller
    • Size/style/color of the shoe

    Please note that all warranty exchanges will be replaced with the same style, color and size (if unavailable, a pair of the same price will be substituted). If a pair of lesser value is requested, a refund in price difference will not be issued.

    What is covered:
    · Toe post breaking
    · Strap breaking
    · Peeling
    · Premature wear within 3 months of purchase

    What’s not covered:
    · Normal wear and tear
    · Squeaking
    · Exposure to heat (shrinkage)
    · Misuse of the product
    · Pairs purchased from unauthorized sellers

    OOFOS products purchased from EBAY or any social commerce marketplaces (e.g. Poshmark or ThredUp, etc.), and third-party sellers on Amazon are not eligible for return, exchange or warranty claims. The only authorized sellers on Amazon are reCommerce and JackRabbit. All other third-party sellers on Amazon are unauthorized sellers; we cannot attest to the authenticity, condition or integrity of those products, and consequently we do not offer a warranty on such products.


    UPS Smartpost 5-10 Business Days- Free

    A UPS service that combines the UPS Ground network with final delivery typically provided by the U.S. Postal Service. If you have a PO Box please use your PO Box as the shipping address. 

    USPS Priority- Free

    This service is used for customers in Hawaii, Alaska, APO and US territories. Please use your PO Box shipping address if applicable. 

    UPS 2 Day- $24

    A 2 Day shipment will arrive on the second business day after the order is placed. If the order is placed during business hours on Monday the shipment will arrive on Wednesday. 

    UPS 1 Day- $38

    A 1 Day shipment will arrive on the next business day. If the order is placed during business hours on Monday the order will arrive on Tuesday. 

    Express options described above as 2 Day and 1 Day must be placed by 1 pm EST to ship same business day. Express Orders placed after this time will ship the next business day. Business days do not include weekends or holidays. 

    If you have any questions regarding shipping place contact us directly. Express shipping is not eligible for a refund unless it is delayed by the carrier. A signature may be required ships within the USA, APO and US territories. Find a full list of our international partners here.


    Our mission at OOFOS is to make yOO feel better! If you aren’t quite feeling the OO and need to make a return or exchange, please follow the instructions below.

    How do I make an exchange or return?

    Whether you purchased your OOFOS in-store, online or at an event, you may return or exchange them within 30 days of purchase date as follows:

    For fastest service, please take or return your OOFOS to the store or online retailer from where they were purchased.
    If the store does not allow exchanges, we will gladly exchange your OOFOS, for a pair of the same value, provided they are clean and free of wear, as determined by our team. To begin an exchange please email us at or call 888-820-7797. We are not able to offer refunds for items not purchased directly from
    OOFOS products purchased from EBAY are not eligible for return, exchange or warranty claim, as we do not authorize our retailers to sell on the site and the products are sold by the general population.

    Returns and Exchanges:

    We offer free returns if you are not completely satisfied with your OOFOS. You will receive an email notification once your return is fully processed through our returns department. Expect your refund within 20 business days. All refunds will be processed to the original form of payment.  Please note, 1 and 2 day shipping charges are non-refundable. Returns are carefully processed in the order that we receive them, so please be patient. We make every effort to expedite requests as quickly as possible.

    *Final Sale items are not eligible for return or exchange.

    We have recently moved to a more user friendly platform for returns and exchanges. Please use the link below to process any returns or exchanges you may need to do for any items that came from