Whether playing competitive team sports or recreational rounds of golf, recovery is key! Good sleep, nutrition, massage guns, stretching…all part of being the best version of yourself and optimizing your potential. Through impact-absorbing OOfoam™ technology and our patented footbed that reduces energy exertion in the ankles, OOFOS provide the recovery you need while moving throughout the day. Gift Active Recovery and help your loved one feel fully recovered and ready to tackle a new challenge.

There’s an explorer in all of us. Standing and walking in new places and seeing new things is demanding on your joints, particularly in areas like your feet and ankles. That long day translates into fatigue, muscle tightness and pain, and soreness. This holiday, give your favorite traveler the gift of science through innovative footwear. Our proprietary OOfoam™ technology absorbs 37% more impact with every step, giving them Active Recovery all trip long.

Healthcare workers play a critical role in our lives. From Nurses and Doctors to Clinicians and Specialists, providing care always means moving, moving, moving - fast in an emergency and slowing down to listen. Either way, they are on their feet. What better way to say Happy Holidays than with an Active Recovery solution they’ll get benefits from every single day? Whether it’s your Dental Hygienist or your Physical Therapist, the individuals who care for yOO should feel the OO.

Our educators are on their feet broadening the minds of tomorrow. Coaches are standing all day teaching teamwork and dedication. Administrators and school support staff walk the halls to keep learning running smoothly. Why not give them the gift of OOFOS® for daily support? Beyond pain relief and less fatigue, OOfoam™ technology absorbs impact for Active Recovery so the people who provide education can focus on the kids.

This time of year is toughest in hospitality. Whether it’s behind the counter, on the sales floor, in the kitchen, or serving food, the stakes are high. Days on your feet take a lot of energy. Gift OOFOS® to your favorite friend in the service industry. Active Recovery from OOfoam™ technology and our patented footbed will support them during long shifts.

Choosing a gift for a creator is tough. Artists and influencers have tried it all. Crafters like what they like and probably have a reason. Parents who foster creative environments for their families never cease to have ideas to keep it homemade. What everyone needs? The perfect blend of cushion and stability in footwear.