Post Marathon Essentials: An OOFOS Review from a Mountain Marathoner

Lyra Mag marathoner and blogger recently wrote an article on the secrets to recovering after a hilly marathon on mountain roads in the midst of cold, wind, and rain! This sort of marathon is an amazing feat on behalf of your body – It takes a lot out of you. Following the right recovery steps afterwards can help you spend more time reveling in what you’ve accomplished, and spend less time with any resulting aches and pains. One of the pillars of Lyra Mag’s 3-part remedy for marathon recovery is OOFOS:

OOFOS recovery shoes with their unique foam composition-are so comfy/shock absorbing and energy returning/supportive...we got Vibram outsoles on this pair so we can wear them outside on the concrete sidewalks. Weary feet get coddled, arches cradled without any hard discomfort (like-say some custom insoles), and a reviving bounce is added to our stride ...which is saying something after a long long run. New slides out are cute too! Running stores probably the first to get on the OOFOS band wagon...for obvs reasons." 


To shop the look featured in Lyra Mag’s marathon foot recovery article, the OOcloog Luxe, click the image above. To read the full article on Lyra Mag, click here.

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