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Better Recovery Through Technology


It's time for your daily run, your trip to the gym, or your pickup soccer game with friends. You gear up, probably with moisture-wicking base layers, pants or shorts with compression technology built in, and specially developed shoes. Chances are that you queue up your favorite workout playlist on your smartphone and pop in your headphones with noise-cancelling tech. You might even put on a fitness technology tracker and sync it up to your phone or to a chip in your shoes to track mileage.

When you're done working out, you can use an app on your phone to see how far you ran, how many calories you burned circuit training, or how high your heart rate got. You can even log this information online and share it with your social network to create a virtual workout club. To help your body recover, you can change into compression socks, drink specially formulated beverages with exactly the right balance of carbs and electrolytes, and you can monitor your sleep patterns through your smartphone. Technology is a huge part of our lives, and we rely on it increasingly to take our fitness to the next level. 

So when you change out of your workout gear and take out your bluetooth headphones, why do you slip on a pair of regular flip flops or the same shoes you were wearing at work all day? Why not continue to use technology to your benefit to help shorten your recovery time and prepare your body for your next workout? 

That's where OOFOS comes in. Every pair of our shoes is biomechanically engineered to help you recover in ways that traditional footwear can't. Our OOfoam technology absorbs 37% more shock with each step than traditional footwear foam, taking stress off your tired feet, joints, and spine. Our patented footbed cradles your arches and allows for a more natural range of motion. Our customers tell us they feel genuine comfort in our sandals and their feet are correctly supported and mobilized for movement after a grueling workout.

Try it yourself to see how OOFOS can bring your recovery into the modern age alongside the rest of your workout experience.

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