OOFOS recently had the honor of being featured in a collaboration with Japanese fashion designer Takahiro Mayashita, known as The Soloist, at Pitti Immagine Uomo during Florence Fashion Week. 

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April 20, 2017


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OOFOS OOlalas in Women's Running!


We're so excited to be featured in the May issue of Women's Running! Our OOlalas are looking pretty good in this full color spread, but the best part is this amazing review from an OOFOS fan:                                                                

The Oofos Oolalas ($60, oofos.com) are the best recovery shoes ever! I can’t go back to my regular flip- flops because these are the most comfortable shoes to wear. They are completely amazing, especially after long runs and races! —Gentine Gaul Meagher on Facebook

The magazine feature highlights products that are used and loved by moms who run. These awesome women had some great recommendations, and we're honored to have made the list!

Pick up the May issue of Women's Running to see the shout out for yourself and get more fantastic product recommendations.                      

April 03, 2017


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Get your OOFOS Limited Edition Boston Shoe at the Boston Marathon!

As a recovery footwear technology company, we're obsessed with improving the journey runners take to get across that finish line of the Boston Marathon on Boylston Street (and the moment right after when they slip out of their race shoes and into a pair of OOFOS to make their bodies feel better!) 

Many marathoners choose OOFOS as their recovery shoes for their rigorous training routines. Our customers tell us that their OOFOS relieve soreness, aches and pains that come with distance running, and feel great on their worn-out feet both before and after a workout! Last year at our booth for the Boston Marathon expo, we heard the comments like ... 

“After my long runs, my legs are sore and beat and when I put on my OOFOS they feel great. It relives the pain and my feet are much more comfortable!”

To celebrate the occasion, we created a Limited Edition shoe to celebrate the hard work and dedication of those running Boston this year.  On a mission to make runners of the Boston Marathon feel better,  OOFOS is offering a Limited Edition Boston Shoe available for purchase online or at our booth at the expo. If you're attending the marathon this year stop by to say hi and pick up a pair of sandals for yourself or someone who's running!  We are obsessed with getting you to feel the OO. OOFOS will make yOO feel better.

You can find us at Booth 2119!

March 20, 2017


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Visit OOFOS at the Boston Marathon

It's that time of year again -- the Boston Marathon is right around the corner! As a local company, we look forward to participating in this iconic event every year. It's such a fun race that the whole city gets involved in. Seeing as how some of us here at OOFOS are runners, we love to be a part of the crowd cheering on the runners, filling the city’s buzz with excitement, and just having a great time overall. It's a great day to get outside and enjoy everything that Boston has to offer.

We asked last year’s Boston Marathon runners what their OO moment was at the expo and here are some of the reactions…


There's nothing better than hearing stories about how our footwear has helped runners at all levels pursue their dreams and reach their goals! We're excited to have a booth at the Boston Marathon for the fifth year in a row so we can work one on one with the runners and their families to share their OOFOS' experience.

Make sure to stop by our booth for a few exciting surprises! Be sure to check back in as the marathon approaches to find out what it is! Here's a look into what's coming ... 


March 13, 2017


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Where will your OOFOS take you on this Daylight Savings?

Keeping up an exercise regime in the winter can be tough. Whether you drag yourself out of bed early in the morning to face the cold for a workout or strap on a headlamp to run in the dark after work, the chilly air, snow and slush, and lack of sunlight can make it really tough to stay motivated.

Thankfully, daylight saving time is here! Although those first few mornings of waking up are going to be rough, we'll be rewarded with an extra hour of daylight to enjoy in the afternoon. That's an extra hour of running, hiking, biking, climbing, and anything else you love to do!

As the weather warms up and you spend more time outside enjoying the sun, don't forget to change into your OOFOS after a long day of adventuring to give your feet a break and help your body recover and get ready for the next round.

What are you planning to do with your extra hour? Where will your OOFOS take you?

March 10, 2017


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Better Recovery Through Technology


It's time for your daily run, your trip to the gym, or your pickup soccer game with friends. You gear up, probably with moisture-wicking base layers, pants or shorts with compression technology built in, and specially developed shoes. Chances are that you queue up your favorite workout playlist on your smartphone and pop in your headphones with noise-cancelling tech. You might even put on a fitness technology tracker and sync it up to your phone or to a chip in your shoes to track mileage.

When you're done working out, you can use an app on your phone to see how far you ran, how many calories you burned circuit training, or how high your heart rate got. You can even log this information online and share it with your social network to create a virtual workout club. To help your body recover, you can change into compression socks, drink specially formulated beverages with exactly the right balance of carbs and electrolytes, and you can monitor your sleep patterns through your smartphone. Technology is a huge part of our lives, and we rely on it increasingly to take our fitness to the next level. 

So when you change out of your workout gear and take out your bluetooth headphones, why do you slip on a pair of regular flip flops or the same shoes you were wearing at work all day? Why not continue to use technology to your benefit to help shorten your recovery time and prepare your body for your next workout? 

That's where OOFOS comes in. Every pair of our shoes is biomechanically engineered to help you recover in ways that traditional footwear can't. Our OOfoam technology absorbs 37% more shock with each step than traditional footwear foam, taking stress off your tired feet, joints, and spine. Our patented footbed cradles your arches and allows for a more natural range of motion. Our customers tell us they feel genuine comfort in our sandals and their feet are correctly supported and mobilized for movement after a grueling workout.

Try it yourself to see how OOFOS can bring your recovery into the modern age alongside the rest of your workout experience.

February 28, 2017


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Fitness & Lifestyle Guru Tim Ferriss Loves his OOFOS!

Tim Ferriss--entrepreneur, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, lifestyle designer, and possible superhuman--tried a pair of OOFOS and was impressed enough to include us in one of his 5 Bullet Friday emails!

Here’s what was highlighted in the email:

Athletic "gear" I'm wearing - OOFOS Ooriginal thong. Not that kind of thong, you naughty, naughty animal. These flip-flops were recommended to me by an ultra-endurance runner. Apparently, racers wear these after competition when they want arch support that still lets their swollen feet breathe. Stop judging me, Kelly Starrett! 

Tim was called "the world's best guinea pig" by Newsweek. He tries out tons of gear, so we're really honored that he deemed OOFOS worthy of recommending to his many readers. Subscribe to his 5 Bullet Friday for more great recommendations, and get your own pair of OOFOS here!

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