Understanding the OO | Part 2: OOfoam™

Understanding the OO | Part 2: OOfoam™

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Today, we’re talking all things OOfoam™.

What is OOfoam™?

OOfoam™ is the name for the technology that is in every product we create.  It's our “special sauce” if you will; the reason our footwear feels so gOOd and it's what sets us apart from other brands.

Each and every pair of OOFOS, no matter the style, is designed with OOfoam™ technology and a patented footbed design that together absorb 37% more impact than traditional footwear foams (like the EVA foam found in your running shoes).

What does this mean?

OOFOS shoes are designed to support your arches and cradle your footbed, and the soft OOfoam™ material works to absorb impact so that when you’re walking, energy gets displaced to the side instead of going back up into your body. This helps to take stress off of your ankles, knees, hips and lower back—truly making you feel better.  The shoe is designed to enable a more natural walking motion because there is nothing added in between your foot, OOfoam™ and the ground.  Your foot is able to articulate the way it was naturally designed to, as if you were walking on grass or sand.  

OOfoam™ is a closed cell foam, so it doesn’t hold in any moisture or bacteria and minimizes odor. This is a great feature because you can wear them anywhere and easily clean them if they get dirty. You can throw your OOFOS into the washing machine on the gentle cycle using a mild detergent, or simply wipe them down with a wipe or washcloth and they’ll be good as new. OOFOS shoes even float in water!

OOfoam™ also never loses its integrity throughout the life of the shoe. This means that no matter how much you wear the shoes, you’ll always get that soft foam cushioning, comfort and support under your feet.  You'll just want to pay attention to the tread on the bottom of the shoes. When that starts to wear down, it’s time to replace your OOs. 


The Science Behind the OO: There’s more to OOFOS and our OOfoam™ technology than just comfort. OOFOS have been scientifically proven to make you feel better by reducing stress on the joints and aiding the recovery process.  We completed a study at the UVA labs that showed that walking in OOFOS footwear reduces demand on ankle power—meaning that it actually makes walking less impactful on the body.  

When you’re not “performing”—i.e. running or working out—don’t you want to be wearing something that will make your body feel better - and what if that 'something' was backed by science?  That's right.  You can be in what we call dynamic recovery - or simply healing your body just by wearing OOFOS.  

We're the only company in the world with OOfoam™ and we want as many people as possible to #feeltheOO and experience for themselves the difference that our technology makes. Interested in trying it feeling the OO yourself?  Shop our MEN's collection & WOMEN's collection today.

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