Understanding the OO | Part 3: Getting to know your shoes

Understanding the OO | Part 3: Getting to know your shoes

Last week we discussed OOfoam™ Technology, the material that makes OOFOS feel so good! Beyond its impact absorption qualities, OOfoam™ is soft and flexible, promoting natural movement through the gait cycle. The soft, flexible nature of our shoes allows you to really get to know your feet while wearing OOFOS. Many people find that OOFOS fit and feel unlike any other shoes they’ve worn! This is because our footwear can help your feet “wake up," allowing you to become more aware of your shoes, your feet in them, and your entire body. At OOFOS, we want to make all of you feel better, not just your feet! Getting in tune with your body will help you recognize the areas that need support and relief. During this part of Understanding the OO, we want help you better understand shoes so that you are completely in tune with your footwear and your feet. The better you understand your footwear, the better you can take care of your feet and body.

The first thing to be aware of when selecting shoes is the shape and fit. Before your foot can receive any benefits from the shoe, it must be the proper size for your foot. Furthermore, the numeral sizing system that our society has established is only a prediction of how a shoe will fit. Shoes labeled "size 9" can vary greatly in actual size depending on the brand. 

The LAST is the shape or mold around which the shoe was formed during production. The last dictates a shoe’s width, length, depth, shape, and many other details that greatly impact the fit. Unlike many shoes available today, OOFOS are built on an accommodating last with more-than-average room for your toes to spread out naturally as they should. From the last, the rest of the shoe can be created and assembled.


1. The FOOTBED is the surface that your foot sits on in a shoe. It takes the first hit from your body when with every step. This part of the shoe is responsible for first impressions of comfort and initial impact absorption. OOFOS footbed features a high arch and patented shape designed for maximum support and comfort.

The SOLE (also called the “outsole”) is the bottom-most part of the shoe that comes directly in contact with the world around you. This acts as the the first line of defense between you and the ground. The sole of a shoe may have various tread patterns to provide traction when you’re walking or moving around.

The MIDSOLE is made up of the cushioning and technology between the footbed and the sole. This part of a shoe can vary greatly in size. A flimsy flip-flop might have barely any midsole, while a very cushioned athletic shoe might have a thick midsole. OOFOS midsole are thicker than that of some other footwear because of our commitment to comfort and cushion for the body.

The UPPER is the part of the shoe that holds your foot onto the footbed. The upper is attached to the footbed and/or midsole and can take on various forms. For example, the upper of a sandal simply consists of straps, while a running shoe or dress shoes can have multiple materials, various stitching, and other details that go into its design to cover the whole foot.

OOFOS are unique because their footbed, sole, and midsole are all made of one material: OOfoam™. We minimize added parts and materials, because we don’t want anything to rob your feet of the complete OOfoam™ experience. Using this material we combined 1. Our patented footbed for support, 2. A thick OOfoam™ midsole for cushioning, and 3. A grooved sole for traction. The upper varies by style so that you can take the benefits of OOfoam™ anywhere you go during any occasion or season. Next time you're making a purchase for your feet, take a closer look! That extra effort that you take to research your shoes will make a huge difference in your health and comfort. Happy feet go a long way!

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