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    OOFOS are scientifically proven to make your body feel better. Here’s how.

Meet Our Recovery Experts.

OOFOS is proven to make yOO feel better—just ask our experts.

  • Dr. Robert M. Conenello, DPM
    Sports Podiatrist specializing in functional movement patterns, and past President of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine

    "I went into this study hoping to understand exactly how making walking easier on your body can help reduce stress and enhance the recovery process. The results amazed me. The research shows that the primary way we propel our bodies when walking is through the storage and release of energy through the ankle joints, which leads to fatigue. The OOFOS resulted in much less energy storage, but more importantly, much less energy generation through the ankles. This equates to less effort needed to walk in OOFOS with OOfoam."

  • Mike Boyle, Strength & Conditioning

    "OOFOS shoes are literally a reloading device. Walking results in forces of 1-1.5 times bodyweight with each foot strike. If we can reduce that number through the OOfoam, that is huge. ...imagine cutting your day-to-day joint stress nearly in half?"

  • Linda Jaros, Health & Wellness

    "OOFOS recovery footwear helps the deep intrinsic muscles of the feet to “wake up” and do the job they were designed to do—to support the “whole”body to perform and feel its best. ... the OOfoam and the footbed design. ...helps the rest of the body’s biomechanics to be more efficient. And if the body is working less hard, less energy needs to be extended, which is always great for recovery."

  • Adam Miller, Chiropractor

    "The majority of my patients that try OOFOS have reported that their hips, low back, and of course their feet have felt better. ... Since OOFOS have been shown to reduce shock impact on the body by 37%, it becomes easy to explain to my athletes that their lower extremity, and most specifically their knees and feet, can work that much less ... Having that much of a reduction of normal forces allows the body to recover faster."